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Gay Marriage, Michele Bachmann, Chris Christie, and More

Michele Bachmann and Chris Christie don’t back gay marriage, Pelosi blasts Cantor, a Pulitzer Prize-winning illegal immigrant speaks out, and more in our Sunday talk roundup

Bachmann: Constitutional Amendment Against Gay Marriage

Way to rain on New York’s Gay Pride Parade, Michele Bachmann. On Fox News Sunday, the flaky—at least according to host Chris Wallace—congresswoman said that if she were president, she’d be in favor of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. But don’t be so fast to slam her as anti-gay, Bachmann did have these congratulatory words for New York’s monumental legislation: “The states have the right to pass the laws they want to.”

Gov. Christie: Not a Fan of Gay Marriage

New Jersey may be only a short train ride from New York, but when it comes to gay marriage, it seems like the Garden State is light years away. On Meet the Press, Governor Chris Christie, apparently taking cues from Michele Bachmann, said that he’s “not a fan” of gay marriage. But, if there were a civil unions parade, the GOP politician would be standing on a float, waving proudly.

God Endorses Bachmann

Are you there God? It’s your favorite Republican politician, Michele Bachmann. The congresswoman revealed to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation that it was God that gave her a “sense” to run for president. The Tea Party favorite, however, did not disclose whether this is a legal campaign endorsement.

McConnell Memo: No More Talking Points

Going on This Week to speak about his talking points on the budget battle, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that negotiations can’t move forward until everyone puts aside their talking points. Once that’s done, he said, Americans can talk about what’s actually needed: cut and cap spending and save our entitlement programs from bankruptcy.

Pelosi to Cantor: You Can’t Handle the Truth

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has some fighting words for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: You can’t handle the truth. In an interview with State of the Union, Pelosi blasted the Republican for walking out of debt ceiling talks last week. Can’t we all just get along?

DeMint: Huntsman is Out

Republican Sen. Jim DeMint isn’t going to rule out any GOP candidate for the presidency—unless that candidate’s name is Jon Huntsman. DeMint told State of the Union’s Candy Crowley that as long as Huntsman doesn’t support balancing the budget, he’s “out.” Whether this anti-endorsement has any actual significance, we’ll find out soon.

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Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

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