George Has a New Nanny

Slipped into yesterday's announcement of the three-week mega-tour of Australia and New Zealand to be undertaken by the young royal family next month and over Easter was confirmation of a rumor that has been doing the rounds for some time now—that Kate has hired a nanny for George.

The identity of the nanny has still not been discovered, although she is believed to be English, in her twenties and already well-established with the family at Kensington Palace. We're on it.

Will and Kate's secretary Miguel Head slipped the news out when discussing the size of the royal party travelling to Australia, saying, "The party is similar in size to recent overseas visits undertaken by Their Royal Highnesses. It consists of me and the Duchess's Private Secretary, Rebecca Deacon, three press officers, a Tour Secretary, a Personal Assistant, a Hairdresser and an Orderly to help manage the logistics. Sir David Manning will also accompany Their Royal Highnesses throughout. A new addition to the party is, of course, Prince George’s nanny."

Sources have told the Royalist that William and Kate are believed to be 'gearing up' for a second child and the hiring of a nanny may be part of that plan.

The new nanny replaces part-timer Jessie Webb, 71, who was William's nanny when he was little.