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Gingrich, Archbishop Dolan, and More Sunday Talk

Newt Gingrich plays nice with Mitt Romney, Cardinal Dolan is not backing down, Wasserman Schultz thinks GOP is rooting for economic failure, and more in our Sunday Talk roundup.

Gingrich Plays Nice With Romney

Once foes, now friends? Newt Gingrich took to Fox News Sunday to address his declining presidential campaign and his inevitable support for Mitt Romney. “Given the size of his organization, given the number of primaries he’s won, he is far and away the most likely Republican nominee,” Gingrich said. The former speaker also added that he will support the former Massachusetts governor should he reach the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Although Gingrich played nice, he couldn’t help but to add a small dig at Romney’s choice of words when describing the state of the Republican party last month. “We don’t have to be severely conservative as Romney said at CPAC,” Gingrich stated. Looks like old habits die hard.

Cardinal Dolan on Politics and Mormons

For some, Easter is a day for family and reflection. For others, it’s a day to talk politics. Cardinal Timothy Dolan took to Face the Nation to defend the relationship of the church and politics. “We didn’t ask for the fight, but we’re not going to back away from it,” Dolan said. “I don’t think religion should be too involved in politics, but I also don’t think that the government and politics should be overly involved in the church.” With the increasing probability that Mitt Romney will become the Republican nominee, Dolan also suggested that faith should take a backseat when Americans cast their vote. “There may be reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney as president of the United States. That he’s Mormon cannot be one of them!”

Wasserman Schultz: GOP Wants Economy to Fail

After 25 straight months of private-sector job growth, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants the GOP to lighten up on the Obama administration. “We’re making slow but steady progress,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It almost seems like my Republican colleagues in Congress and Mitt Romney are rooting for economic failure.” The Florida congresswoman also told State of the Union that she believes the Paul Ryan budget, which recently passed through the House, would only benefit the wealthy, adding, “They’re focused on making sure that millionaires and billionaires can continue to do even better.”

Pastor Rick Warren on Faith in Politics

Rick Warren stopped by This Week for an exclusive interview about the role of religion in politics. “I certainly believe in the separation of church and state. I do not believe in the separation of faith and politics,” Warren said. He explained his stance by saying that faith has less to do with religion and more to do with a person’s “worldview.” When challenged on his objection to gay marriage, the evangelical Christian minister added, “If I’m unpopular for certain beliefs, then I’m unpopular for certain beliefs.”

What Is the Budget Control Act?

In response to the constant accusation that the Senate has not passed a budget resolution in three years, Sen. Kent Conrad fired back on Fox News Sunday. “This notion that we have not had a budget for three years is just wrong,” Conrad said, holding up a stapled document. “Last year we passed the Budget Control Act, and if you read the Budget Control Act, it makes it very clear that it stands in place of a budget resolution.”

Gov. John Kasich: Stop Class Warfare

Ohio Gov. John Kasich went head to head with Sen. Dick Durbin about the economy on Meet the Press. Kasich passionately laid out his simple solution to improve the economy. “You gotta create jobs. It’s a moral issue. It helps families, it keeps marriages stronger, it lifts kids out of poverty,” Kasich said. He also urged Congress and the Senate to stop the bickering and focus on what’s really important saying, “They gotta get their act together.”

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