Newt Strikes Again

Gingrich Backs Off on Welfare

Gingrich: No proof on welfare charge, but we all "know" what Obama would like to do...

So now, after two days of carrying on his typically operatic way about how Obama wants to destroy welfare reform, Newt Gingrich was forced to concede last night by Anderson Cooper that he has no proof that this is the case:

COOPER: I want to just try to clarify this. You do think that the actual wording under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work, you wouldn’t have to train for a job, they just send you your welfare check, that is not factually correct?

GINGRICH: We have no proof today, but I would say to you under Obama’s ideology it is absolutely true that he would be comfortable sending a lot of people checks for doing nothing. I believe that totally.

In other words, he cannot say that Obama actually proposed what he and Mitt Romney have been going around sayiing Obama proposed. It's just the logical supposition to make about the anti-colonialist blah blah blah.

This is really getting tiresome. And Romney is still out there just completely lying about this waiver-rule change, which would simply not do what Romney says it would do, as Ron Haskins told me yesterday.

Conservative readers, does this bother you at all? I acknowledged last week that I wasn't comfortable with Harry Reid's tactic on the tax returns. But Reid wasn't even telling an outright lie. His mystery source does appear to exist. Here, Romney is just lying. But I guess it's fine, because we somehow "know" that if Obama had his way he'd send big fat checks to every indolent person in the country. That's what constitutes evidence on the contemporary right.