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Glenn Beck’s Final Show: His Most Outrageous Fox News Moments

The right-wing pundit says goodbye to Fox News on Friday. See his show’s most outrageous moments.

Dr. Scott M. Lieberman / AP Photos

Glenn Beck's Closing Words

Beck's final goodbye on his Fox News show was surprisingly void of tears and conspiracy theories, but the host didn't miss one last opportunity to use his favorite prop: the blackboard.

Beck’s Gasoline Hijinks

Here’s one way of making a point. Though Glenn Beck may be better known for his tears, the host knows how to get hotheaded when the spark hits—literally. During a demonstration accusing President Obama of fire and brimstone, the host poured gasoline over a colleague while griping about the administration’s policies. Beck did provide a caption on-screen saying that the gas was, in fact, water, but we wouldn’t put it past him to use the real thing.

Beck’s Favorite Things

Not to be outdone by Oprah Winfrey, Beck hosted his own “Favorite Things” episode after Winfrey’s big giveaway episode. The host gifted his audience chalk, books, and tickets to his favorite Broadway Show, Billy Elliot, for the holidays. But, no cruises or Australian vacations were in sight.

Beck’s Guest Faints

During an explanation of U.S. investments, guest David Buckner told the host he needed to sit down before fainting on air. Buckner recovered from the spill that Beck later chalked up to an illness, but the clip proved one thing: Anything can happen on Glenn Beck.

Beck Admits He’s Inept

Self-professed “boob” Beck wanted his viewers to know—time and again—that he is no elite Ivy Leaguer. The departing host instead said he’s a self-educated recovering alcoholic and former DJ. In fact, Beck told viewers in a spirited refrain, “You couldn't get dumber than me.” Sounds like a man worth listening to.

Indian Health Care: Like a Fake Gucci Purse?

When Beck discovered some American citizens were traveling to countries like India to seek more affordable health care, the host gave a unique defense of U.S. doctors. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Beck recently quipped that he was once a fashion correspondent: The host compared Indian health care to a $4 Gucci knockoff purse that falls short of the pricier real thing—and that’s before he even got to talking about plumbing in India.

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Beck to America: I’m Sorry

After a show with former Rep. Eric Massa, the man who has compared the Obama administration to the Weimar Republic apologized to his viewers in this clip for “wasting our time.” Even if Beck’s reasoning for the apology is unclear, it might be the only one we ever get.

Beck’s Failed Flirtation

There’s nothing like getting shut down on national television. While discussing lewd photos with a female correspondent, Beck gave his guest an open—and unappreciated—invitation by suggesting he had “some time and a camera.” If the pass wasn’t cringe-inducing enough in itself, it was topped only by the correspondent’s rejection.

‘Captain Happy Pants’ to the Rescue

Now that his show is going off the air, Beck can do what he does best: cartoon sound effects. Watch the self-professed “Captain Happy Pants” do his best sound effects.

Muslim Congressman Is With ‘Them’

Beck brought Democratic Representative and Muslim Keith Ellison onto his show and didn’t miss an opportunity to be “politically incorrect.” Though the host claimed he was not being accusatory, he challenged Ellison’s religion: “Prove to me you are not working with our enemies.” Ellison wasn’t upset by the charge, though—the Minnesota congressman laughed in response.

The Cash for Clunkers Conspiracy

And, the conspiracies continue. Never one to let a potential theory pass him by, Beck said he was convinced that Cash for Clunkers was actually a program the government was using to hack into Americans’ computers. Naturally, President Obama probably wanted to see everyone's Angry Birds scores.

An Inconvenient Scam

Who knew Beck was a scientist? In this clip, Beck speaks with Weather Channel founder John Coleman on why global warming is a scam. Perhaps Beck won’t be able to stand the heat now that his show is extinct.

Spelling 101 at Beck University

What would Glenn Beck be without his famous—and mocked—blackboard? When Professor Beck attempted to teach a lesson about the government, he may have put a dent in his own argument by spelling “oligarchy” wrong. Fortunately, his viewers gave him a passing grade.

Beck Compares Obama to Hitler

Never one to shy away from controversy, Beck frequently compared the direction of the U.S. to Nazi Germany during his tenure on Fox News. Watch a montage of his many references, from SS uniforms, to the Third Reich, to eugenics. No explanation necessary.

Beck Cries… Again

When the Fox News star wasn’t too busy spitting out conspiracy theories or going on tirades about the government, he took a softer approach—and cried. During one story on an American woman who disappeared at the Mexican border, Beck struggled to contain his emotions. The host said he had a “gut feeling that this could be the final lightning bolt in the perfect storm” before recounting his promise to the woman’s father to find her. Cue the waterworks.