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Glenn Greenwald: Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus is an Obama ‘Loyalist’

The former Guardian reporter called the Post columnist ‘everything that is horrible with the D.C. media.’

In a combative segment on CNN’s The Lead, Glenn Greenwald accused Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus of “exemplifying everything that is horrible with D.C. media” and called her an Obama administration “loyalist.” The former reporter for the Guardian who is now taking part in a new journalistic endeavor funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar attacked Marcus for stating that leaker Edward Snowden should face justice in the United States and evading a question about whether James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, should be subject to prosecution for lying to Congress.

Watch the video here:

The heated back-and-forth took place in the aftermath of a New York Times editorial on Thursday morning, which called on the Obama administration to offer clemency to Snowden.

In Marcus’s defense vis a vie Greenwald’s accusations, she is not the most horrible member of her own op-ed page; that, of course, is Richard Cohen.