God Loves Obama

Everything is breaking this guy's way—the timing of everything, from Arlen Specter to the swine flu.

Is it 100, really? It really sneaks up on you. It seems like only yesterday it was 99.

Everything is breaking this guy’s way—the timing of everything, from Arlen Specter to the swine flu. It’s a terrible crisis, but for the outbreak to come right after the Republicans try to block funding and delay Kathleen Sebelius’ confirmation for Health and Human Services suggests at least one horseman of the apocalypse—pestilence—has switched parties. (War and famine are considering running as independents.)

Clearly, God loves Obama. His administration’s biggest mistake is the Air Force One flyover—I’m sure they’ll take that. Obama will probably expense that from out of his own pocket.

There is no problem Obama has that can’t be solved with money, which is very different from George Bush, who was more karmically challenged.

As for Michelle’s first 100 days, at this rate, she’s totally going to get reelected first lady. I don’t think Obama is going to bump her from the ticket, unlike, say, Joe Biden.

I predict the next 100 days will pass in exactly 100 days.

Ana Marie Cox is a Wonkette emerita, political junkie, self-hating journalist, and author of Dog Days. She has worked for Time, Mother Jones, Suck, and most recently, Radar. Follow her on Twitter.

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