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Godzilla, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sam, and More Viral Videos

From the cat who saved a boy from a vicious dog to the scientific feasibility of Godzilla, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

5. Congressman Picks Ear on TV

Joe Garcia, meet 21st-century media. Last Wednesday, the Democratic congressman from Florida was caught—in full HD glory, thanks to C-SPAN—picking his ear, examining what he found, and then eating it. The only mystery more baffling than what exactly was in Garcia’s ear or how it tasted, is why he would do such a thing in the middle of a House Judiciary Committee meeting when TV cameras are pointed in his direction.

4. Could Godzilla Exist?

This brilliant video takes a scientific look at the “giant prehistoric sea-monster that absorbed massive amounts of radiation.” Among the questions asked: Based on Godzilla’s purported size, how many humans would the beast need to consume daily to function? How much pressure would his feet exert on the ground? Is his existence physically possible?

3. Michael Sam Gets Drafted

It’s being called “the kiss seen ‘round the world.” Celebrated by most, denounced by a few, Michael Sam shared a moment with boyfriend Vito Cammisano when he became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.

2. Jennifer Lawrences Box of Lies

Apparently, The Tonight Show is the place to stake your claim as America’s Sweetheart. Not to be outdone by Emma Stone’s epic lip-sync contest win, Jennifer Lawrence squared off with Jimmy Fallon in a game called Box of Lies. The effortlessly charming Lawrence bluffed her way through describing the unusual contents of pre-packaged boxes, made a mildly dirty joke, and did some improv role-playing with Fallon.

1. Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

Who really is man’s best friend? After a dog sneaks up on this young bicycle-riding kid and ferociously bites him on the leg, a most unlikely hero comes to the rescue. The boy’s brave housecat attacks the dog and chases it away, and the video is truly amazing.