Happy Birthday Prince Charles - Here's a Hobbit

Charles is 64 today

Mark Mitchell / Getty Images

What do you give the prince who has everything?

A hobbit seems like a fair bet.

That's what 'Lord of the Rings' director Peter Jackson gave Prince Charles today as he celebrated his 64th birthday in New Zealand.

Charles received the unusual birthday present when he travelled to the Wellington suburb of Miramar, called "Wellywood" because of the proliferation of film companies in the area.

A dwarf from the movie, played by actor Mark Hadlow, offered his sword and service to the royal, reports the Daily Telegraph.

When the Prince came across the diminutive creature during his tour of a movie special effects company, the dwarf dropped to one knee and said in a booming voice he had been released by Jackson "for you to command as you see fit, your servant Dori".

The Prince laughed and said: "This is the best birthday present I've had for a long time."

Earlier in the day the Prince was joined by 64 New Zealanders, aged from 18 to 101 who were also born on November 14, an performed a traditional 'hongi' nose rub greeting with some of them.

"It's a jolly good day for Scorpios to unite. I couldn't think of a better, happier place to spend my birthday then here with all of you in New Zealand."