Heidi and Spencer's 10 Craziest Moments

With Heidi and Spencer Pratt threatening to boycott The Hills series finale (and Spencer flipping out on last night’s episode), The Daily Beast looks back at the volatile couple’s antics and outbursts, from Spencer’s rages to Heidi’s stand-off with Al Roker.

Spencer SMASH!

Fun fact: “Prat” is British slang for “a stupid or foolish person.” So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Spencer Pratt, one of the stars of MTV’s hit reality show The Hills, is a bit of a fool—and that’s being generous. In the current sixth season, he’s been taking rage to a whole new level, squabbling incessantly with his sister, Stephanie, and his wife Heidi’s sister, Holly. The most recent showdown occurred when Heidi’s mom reacted poorly to Heidi’s cavalcade of plastic surgery (so much for “a face only a mother could love”), enraging the easily infuriated Spencer.

Heidi Unveils New Face, Old Personality

What do you get when you undergo 10 cosmetic-surgery procedures in one day? The alarming trainwreck that is Heidi Pratt. After revealing she debuted her shiny new look in People magazine, the still-swollen aspiring pop star spoke out for the first time on Good Morning America in January.

Spencer Pratt’s Costa Rican Spat

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! is the place where Hollywood careers go to die. Spencer and Heidi camped out on The Island of Misfit Celebs during the show’s second season in 2009. You know you’ve made it when you’re in the Costa Rican jungle picking a fight with comedienne Frangela over a bottle of dry shampoo.

Heidi: The Poor Man’s Britney Spears

Heidi performed her single “Body Language” at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant, donning a flesh-toned bodysuit eerily similar to the one Britney Spears wore to perform “Oops!… I Did It Again" at the 2000 VMAs. Does this mean it’s only a matter of time until Heidi shaves her head and beats the paparazzi with an umbrella?

Let’s Roll, Dawg

Spencer Pratt—who is normally so calm and level-headed!—beat up some guy who ratted him out for flirting with a bartender. If you were discreetly trying to cheat on your girlfriend with an entire MTV camera crew in tow, you’d expect a little consideration, too, dawg.

Here Comes the Bride…Just Kidding!

Heidi and Spencer’s first wedding took place in Mexico and was later deemed not legally binding. This is most likely because MTV didn’t get any footage of it. Or maybe because Spencer got Heidi drunk and convinced her to have a “secret wedding.” Can someone please explain the concept of television to this man?

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Tackiest. Wedding. Ever.

You might just be part of the tackiest wedding ever if… 1) The bride wants “real swans.” 2) The groom wants to look like a “white Jay-Z.” 3) The maid of honor is a lush. 4) The whole thing is being filmed for MTV.

Video Kills Radio Star, Common Decency

The music video for Heidi’s first single, “Higher,” was directed by Spencer. Who is no Spike Jonze. Let’s hope it’s the only offspring of their unholy union that the world will ever endure.

Et Tu, Roker?

Al Roker, notorious for his abusive weather-reporting style and treacherous ways, dared to ask Heidi if she was “proud” of herself. Is the sky blue? You tell us, weatherman.

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Ladies, take note. For most of you, a pregnancy scare can be harrowing experience. On The Hills, Heidi Montag used the fear to her advantage and got her player of a man, Spencer, to admit he “more than” likes her. Talk about commitment!