Here Is Hillary Clinton Getting The Most Awkward Hug Ever From ‘Donald Trump’

One of Clinton’s advisors tweeted footage of the former presidential candidate preparing for a debate against Trump. It is HILARIOUS.

Twitter: @PhilippeReines

It’s not easy to avoid a hug from Donald Trump. Just ask James Comey.

But that didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from preparing for the moment.

Leading up to the September 26 presidential debate at Hofstra University, which became the most-viewed of all time, Clinton studied to spar with her opponent. During debate prep, political consultant Philippe Reines stood in for Trump.

Friday, Reines tweeted footage of this session, in which he tries to physically prepare Clinton for potential behavior from her opponent.

“Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice…” he wrote.

Hillary Clinton responded on her own account.