Bust a Move

Hillary Clinton Grinds in South Africa, Michelle Obama Grooves on ‘Ellen,’ & More Dancing Politicians (VIDEO)

The secretary of state boogied down in South Africa—the latest two-step in a string of pols showing off their moves.

Hillary Clinton Grinds

Secretaries of state—they’re just like us! Clinton’s recent trip to South Africa ended on a high note when she decided to let loose on the dance floor. Watch as she busts a move, much to the delight of the crowd.

Nancy Pelosi Boogies

Sure, Hillary can get low, but that’s nothing compared to Nancy Pelosi’s swing step. The House minority leader hit the dance floor at Barney Frank’s wedding in July, bopping to the ZZ Top classic “Sharp-dressed Man” and sparking a minor internet freakout.

Mobama Grooves on ‘Ellen’

It’s no Dougie, but sneaker-wearing Michelle Obama showed off some dance moves on Ellen on Thursday. Host Ellen DeGeneres complimented the First Lady’s moves, and asked if Sasha and Malia are good dancers. “Well, they each got one of our genes,” Michelle said. “Sasha has my genes and …” DeGeneres had no trouble filling in the rest, saying “uh-oh, that is not good for Malia.” Ever the diplomatic mother and wife, Michelle said “they do their best” and said that her husband can sing.

The ‘Playboy Prince’ Gets Wet ’n’ Wild

Call him the playboy prince, indeed: Prince Harry celebrated his summer holiday a little too hard this weekend at Veneranda, an open-air club on the island of Hvar in Croatia. On vacation with friends, the 26-year-old reportedly spent his night chatting up a pair of Croatian models and running up a bar tab so high that he ran out of money. (His private security officers had to settle the bill.) He then took to the dance floor barefoot, and danced to thumping house music until he slipped and fell into the club’s pool. As Veneranda’s manager told The Daily Mail, “We do not normally let people swim in the pool for safety reasons. But I do not think even security could control him.” Unfortunately for Harry, camera phones exist even on remote Croatian islands—and the release of the video quickly made its way around the Web on Monday. But the rowdy occasion wasn’t lost on the club owners as a prime marketing opportunity: “We have been joking that now we will sell cups of the swimming pool water that Prince Harry swam in,” the manager said.

The First Lady Teaches Us How to Dougie

Michelle Obama has long been a voice fighting childhood obesity. ABC News caught her participating in Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” campaign, a dance promoting exercise. As the emcee prompts the first lady, she follows direction and does the “dougie” and the “running man,” and “takes it to the island, Caribbean style.” There’s no doubt her moves are some of the best the White House has ever seen.

A Royal Break-Dancing Session

We know the royals aren't politicians, but Prince Charles’s attempt to get down is another performance that should not go unnoticed. On the eve of the royal wedding, someone unearthed footage of the groom’s father unbuttoning his suit jacket and working out his b-boy skills on the dance floor.

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Medvedev’s Techno Step-Clap

We are not sure what exactly the lyrics of this techno hit are saying, but Russian President Dmitry Medvedev seems to be feeling it. Though his back is to the camera, he maintains his step-clap-step-clap moves throughout the video until he turns around—initially eyes closed—and seemingly realizes that he’s being taped.

Obama Gets Spicy With the Salsa

President Obama was called up to show off his dance moves with Mexican pop singer Thalia (after getting Michelle's approval, of course) at the White House's Fiesta Latina event, and host George Lopez approved, saying, "I'm more happy that I voted for him now."

Rod Blagojevich: Dancin’ Fool

If you thought getting booted from office would do anything to dampen Blago’s spirits, think again. The ex-governor of Illinois entertained crowds at a recent Chicago block party by singing the Elvis tune “Treat Me Nice.” Think there was any kind of coded message in that song choice?

Hillary Clinton: Getting Down in Kenya

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton busted a move at a gala dinner in Nairobi. But we’re more interested in the Kenyan guy who asked for Chelsea Clinton’s hand in marriage, in exchange for 40 goats and 20 cows. Do you think that’s more or less livestock than the Bush girls might have been offered?

Boris Yeltsin: Dance, Da!

Sure, Putin may ride horses shirtless in Siberia, but could he bust a move like late Russian President Boris Yeltsin? Nyet, we say!

Michelle Obama: First Lady of Soul

Not to be bested by her hubby, Michelle Obama went on Ellen in September 2008. She not only outdanced Barack, she did it in high heels, no less.

George W. Bush: Bang the Drum Quickly

Talk about George of the Jungle: in April 2007, George W. Bush commemorated Malaria Awareness Day by banging on an African drum.

Barack Obama: Smooth Moves From a Young Senator

Before he won the presidency, or even the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama won over the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show by busting a move before his sitdown with Ellen. Take note, 2012 candidates—the bar has been set, and it’s high.

Karl Rove: The Legendary Lost Beastie Boy

You can always count on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to provide a classic moment, and 2007 was no different, with Karl “MC” Rove throwing down some sick beats while doing “the Karl Rove dance.”

Al Franken: His Comedy Roots Are Dance-Infested

Back in the day, when things on TV were funnier and better, Al Franken and his comedy partner Tom Davis performed the Rolling Stones tune “Under My Thumb” on Solid Gold.

Colin Powell: A Four-Star Macarena

We now take you back to the dark days of 1996, a cultural wasteland where an insidious dance called the “Macarena” reigned, sadly, supreme. So prevalent was this cheestastically wedding-ready line dance that even Gen. Colin Powell was powerless before its spell.

David Gregory: Dance Like No One’s Looking, Indeed

He’s not a politician, but he sure spends enough time in D.C. to qualify as one. Here’s David Gregory, guest-hosting Today in 2007, either not knowing the cameras were on him while Mary J. Blige crooned a tune or not caring. Either way, we say ouch.

Chris Matthews: Dance at Your Own Risk

Ellen DeGeneres strikes again! The hostess with the mostest dancing prowess had MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on in March 2008, but she got more than she bargained for when he tried to spin her around and ended up knocking her over. It was only a well-timed grab to the chest area that kept her upright. Yikes.

Barack and Michelle Obama: Putting Fred and Ginger to Shame

While Beyoncé crooned “At Last,” the first couple took their first dance at the inaugural ball. It was a swoon-worthy way to kick off the new administration.

George W. Bush: Shuffle Off to Texas

While waiting for Sen. John McCain to arrive for a press conference in March 2008, Bush amused reporters by indulging in a little soft-shoe for the gathered corps.

David Weprin: A Councilman Gets Down

New York City Council Member David Weprin was caught on camera busting loose at a music festival in Brooklyn in 2009. Of course, he couldn’t have been trying too hard to hide it, considering he was jamming next to someone holding a sign with his face and name on it.

Michael Douglas: The Ultimate Presidential Dance

When the movie The American President came out in 1995, it seemed like watching Michael Douglas waltz with Annette Bening would be the height of classy presidential dancing, fictional or otherwise. But can we all agree Barack and Michelle blew them out of the water? Ah, well, it’s still a nice scene from a good movie.