Horoscope: Week of Aug. 28, 2011

Pisces goes back to school, Gemini embraces routine, and Capricorn opens up in this week’s horoscopes.


Cameron Diaz (August 30, 1972)

The virgin of Virgo is Kore, the maiden aspect of Earth mother Demeter, from whom we get the word core, a nod to the planet’s molten, shifting center, its furnace. While Virgo man draws on the archetype of Hephaestus, god of the forge, Virgo woman personifies Pandora, meaning “all given”, whom the god made out of clay—Virgo is the mutable-earth sign. Demeter, too, was called Pandora, also meaning “all giver.” Virgo woman acts as caretaker, little sister, especially to guys, playing den mother, a Wendy, to any number of lost, Peter Pan-complexed boys. But she exacts the price of learning on them, having her fun, and ultimately securing a mature mate who’ll cherish her. How this relates to Diaz? She is a reported fan of our book Sextrology wherein we posit these very theories.


You’re blatantly pleasure-seeking, spending freely on satisfying your senses and feeling pretty puffed up in the process. An earthy Grand Trine involving Pluto, Jupiter and the Sun conjunct Venus signals an increase in career status coinciding with augmented pay and day-to-day freedom. But keep celebrations short and sweet. The New Moon now initiates a fresh phase of discernment, characterized by a healthy, disciplined lifestyle that sets the tone for others to follow. You try to instill in underlings that: our personal life directly impacts our professional one; and you must be a living example of those wise words.


All bets are off as Jupiter retrogrades in your sign by Tuesday. Use Monday to call in favors and get outstanding signatures on dotted lines. It may feel like a string of luck has run out, but trust: You are asked to face harsh realities in doses you can handle. And the more happily you meet challenges, the quicker they resolve. Saturday, the Moon forms a T-square with Mercury opposing Chiron, urging you to verbalize emotional pain lest it drag you into depression. You needn’t pretend life is fabulous when it is nebulous at best. Humility is stronger than pride and worlds more effective at rallying others to your cause.


The Virgo New Moon tomorrow instills in you a renewed love for routine. In conjunction with the Sun and Venus, forming a Grand Trine with Pluto and Jupiter, the Moon suffuses you with gratitude and a half-full attitude. You embrace a breezy formality in dealings that suggests commitment without compulsion. Simple mistakes that would cause a wave of self-loathing are laughed off now with an underlying confidence you scarcely knew you lacked. Mercury opposing Chiron, Friday, suggests that overcommunication about personal issues can detract you from professional goals. Well, hopefully, not any more.


If you feel out of step with others, try to frame it this way: you’re marching to the beat of your own drum. And starting with the New Moon, Monday, you’re feeling salsa while others seem Sousa at best. Of all the signs, your life needs the most spicing up. Give in to whimsy and let your flamboyance flag fly. By Thursday, the ruler Moon conjucts Saturn, both squaring Mars in Cancer. This gives you the requisite guts to stand up for yourself and others being scapegoated or victimized, especially on the work front. We see glimpses of your former, less conformist self, reemerging, which has plans to stick around.


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Mercury unaspected in Leo now accounts for nagging sensations you can’t put your finger on. An active schedule and lifestyle drew attention outward, while inner struggles have gone largely unaddressed. But with the New Moon, Monday, deep-seated issues and desires surface with a vengeance that disallows ignoring or suppressing them. By Friday, Mercury opposes Chiron, forcing your resistant mind to listen to your body, which is fairly aching for stress relief. Voicing what you most fear to, but must, say is tantamount to casting a magic spell to relieve real physical pain stemming from swallowed emotion.


A childlike quality settles in, making you eager to absorb knowledge and approach new situations with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Just what’s needed to snap out of any self-imposed ruts you’ve fallen into. As by-the-book as you typically are, you now take risks, coloring outside the lines, even getting into a bit of calculated mischief. Jupiter retrograde, from Tuesday, can erode long-range plans that took pains to initiate; but take heart: This gives you the opportunity to plug up any leaky holes in them, assuring their success. Mercury opposing Chiron, Friday, can bring faulty fear-based advice, so keep your own counsel.


Frayed nerves soothe as you stop glossing over thoughts giving rise to anxiety. Jupiter retrograde in your psychological sector prescribes taking mental inventory. If-then thinking must be met with a meditative resolve to accept all outcomes. (Note: negative manifestation of this retrograde is overindulgence in that which artificially stills your racing mind.) The New Moon insists on persistence and perspiration in equal measure. Leaving no stone unturned to pull off lofty projects insures against regrets. The question remains: can you call yourself a success if results are respectable rather than stupendous.


It’s cards on the table time. Despite your penchant for secrecy, full disclosure of professional plans invites champions for such efforts. Pluto’s Grand Trine with Jupiter and Venus grounds your intentions, providing others solid footing to enter into even your wildest schemes. The Virgo New Moon bathes you in humility, fostering affection from those who’ve previously feared you were too imperious to approach. Maybe you were and maybe you weren’t. Point is, you’re now more open and playful with people you let into your personal sphere, having booted out others who did little more than crowd you.


In classic Archer mode, you’ve overprojected, shooting off promises and best intentions hither and thither. Now you must play catch up, lest you gain a reputation as an empty talker. So take advantage of your ruler Jupiter’s retrograde by tying up loose ends and coming up with deliverables. Unaspected Mercury can make you a loose cannon in group settings, until Friday, when it opposes Chiron. This mashup bids you examine whether you are righteously renegade in situations, or bucking authority due to old issues with it. You can be itchy in relationships, too, romantically seeking, solely for excitement sake.


A Grand Trine in earth signs, including Pluto in Capricorn, makes you blissfully open and expansive, willing to expose yourself to new influences, ideologies, and individuals. Deviating from the norm gets creative juices flowing; and allows you ample time to process the glut of changes—career and house moves—you’ve recently made. Pluto’s square to Uranus is reactivated, if not aggravated, which urges you to make unique, unexpected choices that jolt you out of threadbare comfort zones. You must take creative chances, especially, daring to suck en route to greatness. Respect is now yours to win.


As new-agey as it sounds, you must vibrate higher. Soap-operatic intrigue abounds, but you can ill afford to get sucked into, let alone perpetuate, it. You’re on a cosmic mission: The Virgo New Moon in your artistic sector urges you to remove ego from the process of creation, letting the proverbial All work through you. This amplifies the force of actual masterpieces and spiritualizes business projects so they contain a conscious, humanistic component—not an artificial one created as a sales angle. Neptune opposing the Sun this week asks you to use your social sway to help community endeavors lift off the ground.


For some Pisces, going back to school isn’t mere metaphor. With Jupiter retrograde, from Tuesday, in your sector of homemade book covers and clapping erasers, you ship off to some institute of learning, or other, where you must fend off negative thoughts and mutterings. For other Fish, schooling is figurative: You now enter a phase of rewiring your mind, removing obstacles to absorbing information, i.e. doing so without reactionary responses or running for cover. It may come as a shock: but you don’t already know it all. Those who think you think you do will, if unconsciously, seek to thwart your progress.