Horoscopes September 11-17 2011

Aquarius is feeling vulnerable, Virgo taps into humility, and Sagittarius gets analytical.

Phil McCarten / Landov

BORN THIS WEEKAmy Poehler (September 16, 1971)

Fashioned from clay, Pandora, a collage of all the goddesses’ best features, is a mythical archetype of the Virgo woman. Born under this mutable-earth sign, Virgo woman is both unpredictable and highly adaptable, able to mold herself to suit most situations and to wear many hats. As a performer, Virgo can take on numerous characters, moving easily from comedic to dramatic roles. The elastically talented Amy Poehler will likely surprise us one day by winning serious acclaim. An indie arts project in which Poehler appears is aptly entitled The Mystery of Claywoman, a film, with live performance, being presented on her birthday, Friday, at the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


With Venus opposing Uranus in your sign, you say you want a revolution. But how about a revelation instead? Indeed, you now hatch mind-blowingly progressive initiatives for radically changing your career plans and/or the way you structure your business—doing so without staging any coups aimed at higher-ups or seeing minions’ heads roll. By Friday, the Taurus Moon is conjunct Jupiter, providing you killer financial instincts. Trust your gut. Saturn unaspected in your relationship sector means rules are changing on that score. Many of you seek to impose restrictions as your romantic feelings deepen.


If you’ve been yakking about lacking opportunity, you can stifle yourself now—you’re suddenly slammed with opening doors. The Full Pisces Moon on Monday turns a global spotlight on you. As sweeping as that sounds, the fact remains that it only takes YouTube video to get whatever word you want to utter out there. By Thursday, Saturn unaspected means there are no rules when it comes to the realization of your dreams, day to day. So don’t be so dutiful and reverential to those you think have power and authority. The force is strong in you, Taurus, so stop looking outside yourself for validation and assistance.


Goodbye to all that: love gone bad, lingering legal drama, and insomnia-causing money woes. The end of Jupiter’s trine to the Sun releases a storehouse of good karma you’ve stockpiled. To reap the full cosmic benefit, accept this week’s string of fortune with utter humility. By Wednesday, Mars trines Uranus, helping define your USP (unique selling point), which is key. Narrowing your niche insures long-term success, while also simplifying your life. There is no benefit to being all over the place, providing a plethora of half-baked products, ideas, or services. Focus on the one thing and work it for all its worth.


Now is high time to unhitch your wagon from another’s star. Your success has derived from being a creative force in a collective, corporation, or other capitalist venture. But with the Full Moon, Monday, it becomes crystal clear that conformity is getting you down. As Venus enters your so-called home sector, really that of emotional conditioning, in square position to Pluto, on Thursday (breath intake), you not only have the power to extricate yourself from negative patterning on the domestic front, but it is your extreme pleasure to do so. When the gods close a door on relationships, they open a personal checking account.


Life seems a construct of contingencies now. This is challenging for Leo, who lives in absolutes. There’s a lesson here: Being too black-and-white isn’t always productive. And you need to trust the grey areas, especially the one between your ears. The Sun releases its hold on Jupiter, which can make you feel like there is suddenly nobody at the cosmic wheel. But from random experience come ridiculously synchronic run-ins and offers that reaffirm your faith in divine order. Pluto finally going direct on Friday will suddenly transform day-to-day habits and routines for the better. Watch the dead wood fall away.

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The Full Pisces Moon, Monday, requires tapping into Virgo humility to override excess pride. The irony: you’ll feel more empowered putting collective needs ahead of selfish ones. And you can still milk the credit and praise. Venus leaving Virgo, Thursday, gives you obvious grit to put creative plans in motion—others quit labeling you dispassionate or a dilettante, a negative affect of Venus’ demure energy. An unaspected Saturn, Friday, gives you a gnawing feeling. There is a need to go deeper into a so-called spiritual belief system of your own divining. The soul, not the body, is what most needs discipline now.


Ruler Venus opposing Uranus pushes your buttons. You wonder whether you have standout talents that can shine in the same firmament of stars you’re surrounding yourself with. Upshot: Be inspired by those in your midst with stellar gifts—don’t compete; focus on what you do best, and do the best with it. Venus in Libra, by Thursday, in square position to Pluto, says less is definitely more. In biz or art ventures embrace the power of editing, letting your understated genius radiate through. Socially, too, making yourself a bit scarce increases your desirability, but mainly it suits your increasingly private nature.


There’s no place like home. But where exactly that may be is another question entirely. With a Grand Trine forming between Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter, you are either traversing the actual globe or spinning a mini one in the privacy of your lair, if only subconsciously, searching for your next corner of the sky. Meanwhile, you must minimize and modernize your current digs to optimize your existing quality of life. Pluto finally direct, Friday, opens you to fresh avenues of thought. You ditch worn out habits and routines— the same old group playing the same old games—for new toys and tricks, puns intended.


Your powers of analysis are peaking. Nobody escapes being slid under your metaphorical microscope. And with Jupiter in Grand trine with Mercury and Pluto, you’re on a quest to micromanage and root out dysfunction, wherever you find it, at work and at home. Buck passers and rug undersweepers beware. In love, too, a slacker romancer won’t make the cut and even long-term mates are up for review. An unaspected Saturn late week means that a proposal you prepared, or an offer made you, one all but forgotten, comes back into play. And it is a wait-and-hurry-up scenario worth investing more time and energy.


First, Pluto in Capricorn trines Jupiter and Mercury, inviting personal fortune and heaps of flattery while easing articulation of ideas, and particularly, funny ones. This is a great week for Goat writers. Then, come Friday, Pluto goes direct after an ice-age in your sign, and you can feel it, almost physically lifting clouded, shrouded, pessimistic and punishing elements from your being. We can tell you this because, being naturally cautious, you will meet this new era of optimism with the required grain of salt. That said, recognize the increased joy, enthusiasm and wanderlust now welling up inside you.


You have an uncharacteristic air of vulnerability about you. With the Full Pisces Moon, Monday, money issues come clearly into focus—you budget for freedom—while considering the value of your life experience. In all honesty, you’ve achieved desired milestones this year. But they left you colder than you anticipated, so you sink deeper into considering what might morally sustain you. Venus in Libra, by Thursday, makes it clear: you must venture forth. Many of you have actual travel tickets in hand, some blaze new frontiers of learning, while others still are combining mind and territorial expansion.


With the Full Moon in Pisces, Monday, secret maneuverings become a bit revealed. We are hip to your covert, altruistic acts, but there are many close to you who will be floored by your stealthy, saintly ways. Though you can let a few in on it, know that keeping your white-witchery under wraps only magnifies its power. So continue to work your magic, unawares. Pluto direct, by Friday, opens sweeping networking channels for you. Indeed, those you barely know seem to champion your career or creative efforts. Could this be instant karma? Well, the more you believe it is, the more obviously it manifests. So you decide.