Playboy Prince

How Harry Keeps His Sex Life Out Of The Papers: Posh Girls Only

UK society mag Tatler has a big Prince Harry feature on the cover of its new issue out on London newstands today (digital subscription available here).

Amongst its revelations; Prince Harry only beds girls from his own social set, believing these posh chicks would have 'something to lose' (ie their standing in the group) by selling their stories, the necklace that Harry was wearing when he was photographed naked in Vegas was given to him by a Botswanan shaman to protect him from evil spirits, his party tricks have included swallowing a live goldfish and 59% of respondents to a survey said their opinion of him went UP following the naked photo scandal.

Some other juicy gems:

Harry’s party tricks have included swallowing a live goldfish: “An American was startled when Harry, next to whom she’d been seated, swallowed one of the goldfish that had been put in pint glasses in front of each guest as going-home presents.”

Harry was never the great stoner of legend. “The well-documented weed-smoking was a phase that spanned less than a year, to be replaced, with hardly an overlap, by an interest in girls.... ‘Harry likes to be in touch with as many girls as he can. He generally keeps up with girls he’s pulled in the past and always wants to know who will be where when he goes out in London,’ says an old squeeze.”

Tattler says that Harry “made an executive decision a few years ago to go only for girls who had enough to lose by going to the press; consequently, those he has tended to pursue come from a very small catchment. This – maddening though it is for the girls, who all tend to know one another – has been key to keeping his sex life out of the public domain.”Oh, and yes, the minders have wiped photos before, Tatler says: “At a house party in 2007, one disgruntled guest remembers having her whole camera wiped because Harry’s security guards thought that there was a photograph of the prince inhaling a laughing gas balloon in the background. ‘They came over and deleted all my pictures. I wasn’t even taking a photo of Harry. It was bloody annoying.’