How Harry Put London Club King In a Headlock

Nick Valentine's new memoir relates memorable encounter

Toby Melville/Reuters

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran once said of London nightlife entrepreneur Nick Valentine, "Nick's watch has always been set 15 minutes ahead of everyone else in London nightlife. It means he usually sees things first, but inevitably gets home last."

Now Valentine has a memoir out, entitled Clubs, Drugs And Canapes, and among the manifold stories is an encounter with Prince Harry at one of his London clubs.

"Prince William and Harry came in to look around and I particularly wanted to show them upstairs to the restaurant, which did rather a good beef Wellington,’ he writes, "At the end of my tour, Prince William was politely appreciative and gave me a courtly handshake, but Prince Harry got me in a headlock! It was unusual, but I think he was just being playful."