Iggy Azalea Declares War On Papa John’s For Allegedly Distributing Her Phone Number

The Australian rapper didn’t have the best Grammys day, engaging in a Twitter war with Papa John’s Pizza and accusing them of distributing her number to ‘family members.’

Mike Pont/Getty

Hell hath no fury like an Iggy Azalea scorned. The curvy, blaccent-sporting Aussie pop star had a pretty bad Grammys night. She was up for an impressive 4 nominations, including Best New Artist and—quite controversially—Best Rap Album, but failed to take home any awards. In the week leading up to the Grammys, much ink was spilled over a potential Azalea Best Rap Album win, with many critics decrying her flagrant appropriation of black/hip-hop culture, as well as the dwindling quality of her decorated LP The New Classic. But Eminem won, and a potential Internet crisis was averted.

Earlier that evening, the 24-year-old apparently decided to order some Papa John’s (Editor’s Note: Their butter dipping sauce and chicken tenders are divine). Then things got ugly.

According to Azalea, Papa John’s was her “favorite pizza” until one of their drivers took it upon him/herself to distribute her number to their family members. Naturally, she took to Twitter to voice her frustrations to her 4.2 million followers in 140 characters or less:

Papa John’s caught wind of the tweet, and issued the following mea culpa, begging Azalea to stay on Team Papa:

But Azalea was still on the warpath, accusing Papa John’s of “data breach” and demanding further explanation on how to rectify the situation, lest she be forced to pursue “a lawsuit.”

The singer further claimed that Papa John’s customer service was unprofessional, refusing to “send pictures of their employees” to the Aussie so she could identify which driver it was that stole her info.

You know what? It IS a damn shame.