Inside Skirt Club: The All-Women Sex Haven Taking Over the World

An exclusive all-women sex club that began in the UK has now expanded to Sydney, Miami, and now New York. [Warning: NSFW]


Attractive, open-minded women are secretly gathering to explore their sexual curiosities…with each other. It’s the epitome of the male fantasy but—sorry fellas—this club is strictly ladies only.

Billing itself as, “An underground community for girls who play with girls,” Skirt Club is quickly catching on. What began as one woman’s passion project to embrace sexual fluidity in the UK has expanded to Sydney, Australia, and Miami, Florida, in two short years.

Now, the club has come to New York City.

First rule of Skirt Club: you do not take pictures of Skirt Club. You can still kiss and tell, but be warned: confidentiality and discretion are key. Unlike many male-driven sex clubs aimed at couples, swingers, or just men, this elite women-only soiree might be the first of its kind, offering women a safe haven for experimentation with zero pressure to participate or perform for anyone but themselves.

After attending “play parties” with a male ex, where the focus was more on his pleasure than hers, Genevieve LeJeune, 34, dreamed up Skirt Club to satisfy female desires. LeJeune was tired of the watered-down cocktails, the waterproof mattresses in the corner, and the absence of towels for the bubble bath. For women, sex isn’t just physical—the details matter.

“It was so clinical and unappealing. It’s a man’s world and I felt that needed to change,” says LeJeune. “When it comes to sex for women, it’s all-encompassing. It’s the mental stimulation, the softness, the conversation and the performance, the seductiveness. It’s the kind of cocktail you’ve been drinking, the chocolates you’ve been eating, it’s the whole environment.”

Appropriate wardrobe is expected, so dress to impress. Each party offers a unique theme, encouraging members to come in costumed attire. Guests are greeted with a glass of champagne and the drinks flow freely all night.

Hoping to join? Not so fast. Exclusivity is part of the allure. Members are handpicked, vetted, and must be referred by a current member. Parties are arranged at various undisclosed locations and members are given directions just a few days prior, or at times with just 24 hours notice.

To create talking points and set the mood, every Skirt Club party offers some sort of sultry entertainment (think raunchy burlesque) and a sex-themed presentation by a guest speaker, ranging from aphrodisiacs to soft bondage, or body psychology. This is why LeJeune hesitates to call it a “sex club” referring to it instead as “a private members club for the curious-minded, bi-curious, bisexual, open-minded straight women looking for adventure.”

For first-timers the experience can be intimidating. To identify with one another, newbies are given a trinket—a vintage key tied around the wrist. “We take ladies in almost quaking with fear,” say LeJeune. “I give them a big hug and let them know they aren’t the only one.” There are also a number of hostesses on hand working the party to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Skirt Club member Hayley Quinn is a renowned dating expert and frequent guest speaker at these parties. Quinn helps members break the ice and offers insightful advice for exploring sexual identity. “I teach women how to flirt with other women. Particularly, when it comes to voicing that they find another woman attractive when they don’t identify as gay,” says Quinn. “When it comes to sexuality or bi-curiosity, the most valuable thing to know is that you can do something and that act doesn’t define you as a person, that act is not an identity changer.”

The Skirt Club is a supportive group providing a safe space in which women can examine their sexual proclivities regardless of how they identify sexually, thereby creating a network of powerful, knowledgeable women intent on erotic discovery.

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“It’s about the atmosphere and the clientele it attracts rather than anything physical that happens,” says Quinn, who feels it’s more about female community. “I can walk into that room and know the women are smart, open-minded, intellectually curious about their sexuality.”

When the traditional crowd clears out, that’s when some of the members who’ve been there from the start, let loose—at the after party. “During the party we’re making sure everyone else is having a good time and no one works harder than Genevieve,” says Quinn. “Until about three or four in the morning, she and the rest of us are working.”

“I once had an after party for the Skirt Club at my house, girls were in my studio at the time using vibrators and dildos, and I kid you not, my office furniture was never the same. One woman was a dominatrix and she fucked all the girls there,” says Quinn. “Everyone was practicing safe sex, using condoms on sex toys. The dominatrix asks her sub to clean up the condoms and her sub says ‘no’ and then the sub is being punished over the desktop. In the end I just remember being there at 6 a.m. after everyone had left picking up loads of used condoms.”

Without digging deeper, it would be natural to write Skirt Club off as a swanky sexual fix, but inside the organization something more meaningful seems to be happening. “We are women in love with the brand and in love with what we are doing. It’s one of those passion projects that went crazy,” says LeJeune. “Skirt Club’s mission objective is female empowerment. We have a saying that confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom.”