Spreading The Gospel

Iowa Republican Wants To Convert Chuck Schumer

David Young, an Iowa Republican running for U.S. Senate in 2014 wants to convert Chuck Schumer to Christianity.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP,Jacquelyn Martin

As if the Senate didn’t have enough problems, one Iowa Republican wants to convert Chuck Schumer to Christianity if he's elected next year.

David Young, the former chief of staff to Senator Chuck Grassley, announced his desire to spread the gospel on Capitol Hill if he succeeds in his bid to become the next U.S. Senator from Iowa. At a forum for Republican primary hopefuls sponsored by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition on Monday night in Cedar Rapids, Young said what Washington DC really needs is “a change of hearts and minds.” According to Craig Robinson at the Iowa Republican, Young would accomplish this as a Senator by “inviting New York Senator Chuck Schumer to lunch so that he could share the good news of Jesus Christ.” Schumer is Jewish.

Young is running in a crowded Republican primary field that also includes former U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker, state senator Joni Ernst and radio host Sam Clovis so far. With his experience working in Washington for a political veteran like Grassley, Young is considered to be an establishment candidate in the primary. The winner is expected to face four-term Democratic congressman Bruce Braley in the general election.

The Daily Beast has reached out to Young’s campaign as well as the offices of Senator Schumer and Young’s former employer, Senator Grassley for comment. We have yet to receive a response from Young or Grassley. Schumer declined to comment.