Mr Middleton

James Middleton: Thanks To My Instagram Marshmallows, People Say The Internet Is Complete

Dave M. Benett

There's a rather good interview with James Middleton in the London Evening Standard today, which focuses on his new business manufacturing marshmallows printed with people's Instagrams, but interviewer Charlotte Edwardes does get in a few personal questions at the end - in the course of which James, 26, reveals he doesn't know if his girlfriend Donna Air is 33 or 34.

He says about the mail-order marshmallow company, which is named 'Boomf' for the noise a marshmallow makes when it hits your doormat, “Nobody’s ever seen this before. There have been some wonderful comments back from people — like, ‘the internet is now complete’. It takes all the sophisticated things that the internet is now doing and turns it into something as simple as a marshmallow.”

Edwardes relates a story that National Public Radio in America used his business for a satirical news quiz in which a panel has to decide which of three ridiculous-sounding items was true.

“They believed that Vladimir Putin’s brother Igor had come up with a pill that would stop old people smelling, rather than the idea that the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother would be Instagramming onto marshmallows,” he laughs.

Middleton only bridles when asked about the likelihood of marrying his girlfriend, the presenter Donna Air. “What a ridiculous question. Um, we’re enjoying our relationship as it is now… But I’m 26. I’m young. She’s 34 … or maybe 33.”