January 31: 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

Scott Brown justifies his nude centerfold to Barbara Walters, Roger Ailes defends Fox News, and Robert Gibbs talks tough on executing terrorists. That and more in our Sunday roundup.

Scott Brown to Barbara Walters: Want Me to Sign My Nudie Pic?

Some career advice from Scott Brown: Pose nude and someday you too might be on your way to the Senate, chatting it up with Barbara Walters. Massachusetts’ senator-elect is the new star of the moment for the Republican party. On Sunday Ted Kennedy’s replacement bared his soul for Walters opening up on everything from politics to family life in an exclusive interview with This Week, but in 1982 he bared it all as a centerfold for Cosmopolitan magazine. Here he is defending the photo spread, without which, he says he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Robert Gibbs: KSM Will Meet His Maker

On State of the Union, John King tried repeatedly, but couldn’t quit get an answer out of Robert Gibbs on whether alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would still be tried in New York. The White House press secretary did, however, offer some pretty strong words about what the outcome of the trial would be–wherever it’s held.

Roger Ailes: I Would Pose Nude for 100 Bucks

He’s no Scott Brown, and Barbara Walters doesn’t seem to think so either. Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes made his first appearance on This Week Sunday, and it certainly got off to an awkward start. After making an offer to strip down that Walters refused, the roundtable progressed into a bit of a spat with Arianna Huffington about—what else—the media and Fox’s motto of being “fair and balanced.”

David Axelrod: Obama’s Jab at the Supreme Court was ‘Totally Appropriate’

Some are calling it Samuel Alito’s “Joe Wilson” moment. There was no shouting, but Justice Alito did shake his head and mouthed “not true” in response to criticism from Obama on corporate campaign contributions. Was either action appropriate? On Meet the Press, David Axelrod defends the president’s speech, but he dismisses Alito’s response as a product of the “weird political season.”

Is the Media Going Overboard in Bashing John Edwards?

Count on Howard Kurtz of Reliable Sources to be the voice of reason when reporters are in a frenzy and need to be taken to task, i.e. when they were falling all over themselves to praise Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. Which makes it all the more devastating for John Edwards that Kurtz says all the slamming of Edwards—even if some of it is being generated by the hardly innocent Andrew Young—is richly deserved.

The New Face of 'State of the Union'

There were even more musical chairs in the media this week. John King signed off as host of CNN's State of the Union Sunday and passed the reins to Candy Crowley. Sure, as senior political correspondent she’s got the background for it, but one important question remains: How are her "magic wall" skills?

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Even Pat Buchanan Dismisses GOP Response to Obama

Imagine: a Republican rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address so weak that Pat Buchanan calls for the abolition of the post-SOTU response. That’s the reaction Bob McDonnell's speech provoked from Pat Buchanan, which, if you still think of Buchanan as a force among conservatives, may not bode well for McDonnell’s higher aspirations in the GOP.