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Jason Segel on ‘Muppets’ Movie and Crying for Kermit the Frog (Video)

Actor Jason Segel, who’s been in love with the Muppets since he was a boy, is bringing them back to Hollywood in the new Muppets movie. He visited the Daily Beast office to talk about why the Jim Henson franchise went away and how Kermit looks on set—and to play a little game we like to call ‘Name That Muppets Tune.’

Andrew Macpherson / The Muppets Studio

If you’re among the moms and dads dragging your kids to the movies this weekend to see one of Hollywood’s most beloved icons—Kermit!—on the big screen, you have one man to thank: Jason Segel. The 31-year-old costar of How I Met Your Mother explains how he wrote The Muppets and why the frog made him cry.

Do you ever wonder why Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear never talk? It’s not because she’s jealous of his relationship with Kermie. Segel reveals the real reason.

Mah na mah na! To test Segel’s knowledge of rainbows and why it’s not easy being green, we asked him to play “Name That Muppets Tune.” His challenger: The Daily Beast’s biggest Muppets fan, senior editor Danielle Friedman.