Jimmy Kimmel: Let’s Look Into Why Melania Swats Away Donald Trump’s Hand

The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ host broke down footage that showed—yet again—the first lady refusing to hold the hand of the president.


It was the swat seen ’round the world.

On Monday afternoon in Tel Aviv, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump made their way down the red carpet and, as he grabbed for her hand, she appeared to swat it away. Her public rebuke of her handsy husband exhibited how, in the words of The Daily Beast’s Erin Gloria Ryan, “Melania has grown bolder in her push to telegraph her disdain for Donald,” graduating from liking tweets showcasing her disgust to denying him outright in front of a line of cameras and a welcome party, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Well, guess what? She did it again.

On Wednesday, as the first couple—who currently live in different states—emerged from Air Force One after touching down in Rome, the president extended his hand to Melania—only to have it travel away faster than her hubby’s toupee in a hurricane

Cue Jimmy Kimmel. “Speaking of the Russians, are we sure Melania isn’t one?” asked the host during his Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue Tuesday night. “Because President Trump and the first lady touched down in Rome today. Last night, I showed you video in which Melania appeared to swat the president’s hand away as they got off the plane.”

“Well, here’s what happened today in Italy,” he continued, before narrating the infamous clip. “So they get off the plane, they’re waving zombie-like to the crowd, and then oops! No, thank you. He goes for the hand and—nope!”

Kimmel added: “There’s something going on there, and I demand a special investigator to find out what. I’d love to know.”

Later on in the program, Kimmel, who’d previously made a tear-filled plea for Obamacare after his infant son nearly died, took shots at the president’s proposed 2018 budget, which calls for $3.6 trillion in cuts to various programs helping the poor and infirm over the next decade, while delivering trillions in tax cuts for the rich and increasing military spending.

“This budget makes huge promises that it can’t possibly deliver,” said Kimmel. “It could leave millions of Americans without necessary services like health care or even food. It’s basically the Fyre Festival of budgets.”

“There’s no chance he read it and his goal is to cut spending. I mean, look at his life,” Kimmel continued. “He’s a modest man. If there’s one thing about Donald Trump, it’s that he likes to live simply.”

The comedian then flashed several outrageous photos of Trump’s tacky gold penthouse in Manhattan—a residence whose size and value he’s lied about over and over again.

“He doesn’t waste money on unnecessary things,” joked Kimmel. “And his family’s the same way—they live what can only be described as a Spartan, monk-like lifestyle. And that’s what they want for the rest of us: to live like normal, everyday billionaires with horrible taste. Is that so wrong?”