Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Believe President Trump Hit on France’s First Lady

‘Only Donald Trump would treat a meeting with a world leader like it’s a swingers’ key party,’ said the late-night host.


President Donald Trump’s history of misogyny is no secret. Everyone from his beauty pageant contestants to his own baby daughter has been subjected to his unsavory gaze. Just last month, the commander in chief made creepy overtures to an Irish reporter—in the Oval Office, in front of other journalists. The man has absolutely no shame.

Which brings us to the unfortunate events of Thursday afternoon. 

“Does anyone feel a bit lighter today, like some weight has been lifted off of your body? OK, well President Trump is out of the country today,” announced Jimmy Kimmel, to cheers from his audience. “He is coming back, so calm down.”

The Emmy-nominated Kimmel dedicated the first portion of his Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue to President Trump’s ogling of first lady Brigitte Macron of France, right in front of both his wife, Melania, and French President Emmanuel Macron. Video footage of the exchange was subsequently posted to President Macron’s Facebook page.

“There was one uncomfortable moment later on,” Kimmel explained. “President Macron’s wife, Brigitte, is 25 years older than he is. He’s 39, she’s 64—which you know has to be making Trump’s crazy orange head spin, right? I mean, for him, that’s about as backwards as it gets.” (Indeed Trump, 71, is 24 years older than wife Melania, who is 47.)

Kimmel continued: “So, watch this. And you know this is the only thing on his mind. He’s saying, ‘Don’t mention her age, don’t mention the age difference.’ This is what he says to her.”

Trump looked France’s first lady up and down before uttering, “You’re in such good shape.” He then turned to President Macron, saying, “She’s in such good physical shape,” before focusing his attention back on the first lady: “Beautiful.” First lady Macron then appeared to take a step back behind Melania Trump in order to shield herself from POTUS.

“What goes on!? I mean… [it’s like a] ’65 Chevy convertible he’s admiring,” said a flabbergasted Kimmel. “Only Donald Trump would treat a meeting with a world leader like it’s a swingers’ key party.”