Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump for Defending ‘Wife Beaters’ on Twitter

The late-night host made just one joke about the Rob Porter saga, but it was a doozy.


Jimmy Kimmel opened his show Monday night by recapping the president’s “very Trumpy weekend,” which began with the decision to block the release of the Democratic answer to Devin Nunes’ memo.

“After giving two very little thumbs up to the so-called Nunes memo that the House Republicans cooked up to try to cast doubt on the Russia investigation, the president refused to release the Democratic rebuttal memo,” the host said to boos from his studio audience. “Even though Trump made the Nunes memo public against the wishes of the FBI and Department of Justice, the White House now says they can’t release the counter memo written by Democrats because of, quote, ‘national security concerns.’”

Kimmel asked, “Does he realize he is our national security concern?”

The host had an idea of why Trump didn’t want to release the Democratic memo to the public. “It’s 10 pages long,” he explained. “So Trump told them to send it back in the proper form, which is one paragraph, read to him aloud by two Hooters waitresses carrying three orders of hot wings.”

“The president can’t spend all day poring over memos,” Kimmel added. “He’s got wife beaters to defend on Twitter,” he said, referring to Trump’s emphatic defense of Rob Porter and other men he believes have been “falsely accused” of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  

“Trump knows we can’t keep up with him and all his shenanigans,” the host said. “He’ll sit on the memo, and in the meantime he’ll keep doing outrageous things. He’ll call an Olympic ice skater a fruit cake or something. He’ll make Sylvester Stallone secretary of defense. And no one will remember any of this memo business and we’ll go right on to the next crazy stories.”