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Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich and More Sunday Talk

Biden says he’s ‘comfortable’ with gay marriage, Rubio slams Obama, Gingrich stumps for Romney & and more.

Biden ‘Comfortable’ With Gay Marriage

This guy sure knows how to make headlines. On Meet the Press, the vice president expressed his “evolving” views on gay marriage, explaining that—while Obama sets the policies—he personally believes all couples deserve equal rights. “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying one another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties,” Biden said. Still, the veep refused to comment on whether he believed the administration would legalize gay marriage if Obama was elected to another term. Plus, Andrew Sullivan responds to Biden’s remarks.

Rubio: Obama Isn’t Special Anymore

Marco Rubio may shrug off rumors the he’s a potential VP candidate, but he sure is starting to sound like one. On Fox News Sunday, the Florida Senator had some very strong words for Obama, pinpointing high unemployment and a deepening national deficit as examples of the president’s shortcomings. “All of the things that made him different and special four years ago are gone,” Rubio said. “Now all he does is run, dividing Americans against each other obviously because he can’t run on his record.” Fighting words!

Gingrich: ‘I Didn’t Win’

A few weeks ago, it would have been unimaginable to hear Newt Gingrich say something positive about Mitt Romney. However, after officially suspending his presidential campaign, Gingrich is singing a different tune. On State of the Union the former House speaker somewhat officially endorsed Mitt Romney, complimenting the former Massachusetts governor on his perseverance and strong debate performances. “I believe that Mitt Romney will be a dramatically better president of the United States than Barack Obama,” Gingrich said. “I believe that he has earned the right to represent the Republican party, and he’s earned it the hard way.”

Bachmann: ‘Women Aren’t Stupid’

In the ongoing war over the women’s vote, Michele Bachmann stopped by Face the Nation to argue why women aren’t protected under the current White House. The Minnesota congresswoman, who recently endorsed Mitt Romney, explained that Obama has been stirring up “phony” issues to avoid talking about the economy. “We’ve never gone this long with over 8 percent unemployment,” Bachmann said. “That’s the issue, that’s what women care about.”

Axelrod: Obama’s Still More Popular Than Romney

It was a packed house—almost. At a recent political rally in Ohio, Obama spoke to a large crowd—yet the top tier of the auditorium was noticeably empty. On This Week, David Axelrod addressed the 4,000 empty seats and the suggestion that it reflected a lack of support. “The fact is that 14,000 is 11,000 more than the largest crowd that Mitt Romney has ever drawn,” Axelrod said. “So I think there’s enthusiasm for the president’s candidacy.” Axelrod also vehemently denied that Obama is using the killing of Osama Bin Laden as political leverage, saying, “The president hasn’t been spiking the ball, this was the one-year anniversary, it’s part of his record.”

Robert DeNiro: Give Obama Four More Years

The presidential election may be months away, but that didn’t stop Robert DeNiro from making a prediction on the winner. During an interview with Meet the Press at Ground Zero, the actor talked about the revitalization of the Financial District, before turning to Obama. “I think he’s done a good job, he’s done other things that maybe he should have been a little stronger about,” DeNiro said. “People will complain, but it’s not easy being president of the United States.” DeNiro went on to say, “I know he’ll do better in the next four years when he won’t have to worry whether he’s going to be elected or not.”

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Reliable Sources: Was Obama’s Osama Ad Fair?

What’s the big deal with Obama celebrating his decision to take down Osama Bin Laden? On Reliable Sources, the panel discussed the media obsession with this story and why some are up in arms. Jonah Goldberg, of the National Review Online, argued that the issue isn’t that Obama is bragging about the Osama takedown; it’s the unfair comparison to Mitt Romney. “The complaining really started where in that ad you have Obama saying Mitt Romney wouldn’t have done this,” Goldberg said. “Which is a completely unfalsifiable charge based on a quote taken out of context.”