June 14: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Joe Biden gets worked up about the stimulus, Mitch McConnell hints at a Sotomayor filibuster, and Chris Dodd defends his wife. Watch the best moments from Sunday’s talk shows.

Biden: Who Guessed Wrong on the Stimulus? Everyone, That’s Who

The vice president tells David Gregory that not only the administration, but everyone erred in their pre-stimulus analysis of the economy; it was actually much worse. Fortunately, everyone also thinks things are "mildly better." Is that a step up from seeing "glimmers of hope?"

Romney Sours on Obama's "Sweet Talk"

Mitt Romney took a number of swipes at Obama on This Week (already prepping for 2012?), telling George Stephanopoulos that the Iranian election is a fraud, and pressing the president to speak up about it and stop apologizing to the world.

Westin Refuses to Gloat Over Couric's Abysmal Ratings

Is it a sign of cordiality or a sign of the times? Appearing on Reliable Sources, David Westin, the president of ABC News, refuses to find anything redeeming about Katie Couric’s poor ratings at CBS News. He says it’s bad for everyone in the news business if one of them isn’t doing well—and he just might be right.

McConnell Drops the Other F-Word

Could the GOP filibuster a vote on Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court? Mitch McConnell, speaking with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation, says it’s possible. McConnell notes that Democrats filibustered judges during the Clinton and Bush administrations, but that he needs to time to review Sotomayor’s decisions before he and other Republicans make their own decision on whether to block her.

Dodd: Leave My Wife Alone

Senator Chris Dodd, a major player in the recent battle over health reform, lashed back on Fox News Sunday at "offensive" suggestions from critics who suggest his wife’s involvement on the boards of four health-care companies is a conflict of interest.

Zakaria: The Iranian Election Was Rigged

Fareed Zakaria, an expert on Iranian politics, provided some pretty interesting insight into the latest controversy surrounding the presidential election. Historically and statistically, he says, it’s extremely hard to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually won.

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Monica Flips as Islamic Terrorism Not Given Its Due

Is domestic terrorism a greater threat than international terrorism? On The McLaughlin Group, it depends on which side of the set you’re sitting on. Eleanor Clift, on the left (of course), says the murder of George Tiller and the shooting at the Holocaust Museum says it is. Monica Crowley, on the right, laughs that one off, calling the claim “insane.”

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