Kanye West Declares Bill Cosby ‘Innocent’

With two days to go before his scheduled album release, Kanye West may have finally lost his mind.

According to Kanye West, Bill Cosby is not responsible for drugging and raping dozens of women. The rapper capped off a series of Tweets Tuesday evening with this three-word, all-caps explosive that racked up 15,000 retweets in less than 30 minutes:

It was just over a month ago that Kanye name-checked Cosby in a New Year’s Eve track called “Facts.”

“Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?” he rapped. “Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?”

If his latest Twitter assertion is to be believed, West may have changed his mind about Cosby's guilt.

Earlier in today’s Twitter rant, Kanye attempted to debunk reports that his wife Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner had signed a seven-figure deal to be the new face of Puma.

Kanye’s volatile Twitter persona has become increasingly agitated as the Feb. 11 release date for his long-awaited new album approaches. Originally titled Swish, he recently announced he was changing it to Waves and then on Tuesday indicated that the title had changed once more. Along with a photo from the studio, Kanye revealed the new title’s initials to be T.L.O.P and issued a challenge for fans to guess what the acronym stands for.

Guesses as to what T.L.O.P means are raging on a dedicated Reddit thread with entries that range from “The Lord’s Only Prophet” to “The Last Official Project.”

Recent weeks have also seen some vicious Twitter beef between Kanye and fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa that stemmed from a misunderstanding around the term “kk.” While Wiz was referring to his signature marijuana strain “Khalifa Kush,” Kanye thought he was dissing Kim Kardashian.

“I am your OG and I will be respected as such,” Kanye said in a now-deleted tweetstorm.

In addition to his statement about Cosby, today’s Twitter rant also included an apology to Michael Jordan, whom Kanye said he did not intend to diss on “Facts.” Instead, he said his “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” line was aimed at Nike CEO Mark Parker.

With his pending album dropping on Thursday and a Saturday Night Live performance scheduled for this weekend, Kanye has a big week ahead of him. Hopefully he can stay off Twitter long enough to deliver the world the music we have been waiting for.