Father Figure

Karl Lagerfeld Shows His Paternal Side in Carine Roitfeld Documentary

Mademoiselle C, the upcoming documentary on the former French Vogue editor, features a hilarious cameo from Karl Lagerfeld and his 4-year-old muse, Hudson Kroenig.

Mademoiselle C, the highly anticipated documentary about Carine Roitfeld, hits theaters on September 11. It follows Roitfeld, the beloved former editor of French Vogue, as she puts together the first issue of her own namesake magazine, CR Fashion Book, offering some hilarious and surprising behind-the-scenes moments from meetings and photo shoots. The film also features cameos from a few members of Roitfeld’s gang, including Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci and—in a runaway performance—the hilarious Karl Lagerfeld.

The first time we see Lagerfeld, Roitfeld saunters into his Paris atelier, where he is sitting behind a sleek, black desk piled high with sketches and Chanel jewelry, and nursing what appears to be a Diet Coke in a wine glass. He is surrounded by minions (one of whom, for the record, is smoking). They briefly flip through The Little Black Jacket—the tome on which they collaborated (obviously, Lagerfeld compares it with the Bible)—before they’re interrupted by model Brad Kroenig and his 4-year-old son, Hudson.

We’ve met Hudson before: he’s the kid who has repeatedly walked the Chanel runway, including once with a purse, starred in a Fendi campaign, and happens to be Lagerfeld's godson. We know Lagerfeld is obsessed with him—and sure enough, when he storms the studio, Lagerfeld makes the biggest of fusses over him. It’s sweet!

Hudson presents Lagerfeld with something in a black box, which Lagerfeld promptly says would be perfect for his cat, Choupette. “You come to the house and give it to Choupette yourself,” he instructs. Moments later, Hudson gives the Kaiser yet another gift: a blue teddy bear, which, of course, he got at the Ritz. (Hudson, by the way, is the epitome of high-low: he arrives in a chic leather bomber jacket and a Scooby Doo backpack.)

When he hands over the teddy bear from "Ritz Kids" he explains: “That’s from a hotel.” To which Lagerfeld deadpans: “Yes. I know.” See, even using sarcasm on the 4-year-old.

Later in the film, Lagerfeld returns for another incredible scene—this time with Roitfeld’s daughter, Julia, and her newborn baby, Romy. Showing off his paternal instincts, he pushes Romy’s stroller around the room. It’s then that CR publisher Stephen Gan remarks something like, “How much do you charge for babysitting?” a joke that, unsurprisingly, doesn't exactly go over well.