That’s What He Said

Karl Lagerfeld’s 13 Craziest Quotes

A new book, The World According to Karl, catalogs Lagerfeld's best quotes on everything from children to dieting. See the highlights.

The Daily Beast

If there's one person who genuinely epitomizes the position of "fashion icon," it's Karl Lagerfeld. As creative director of Chanel and Fendi for decades, Lagerfeld has become famous for his signature style: high-collared shirt and skinny black jeans, a necktie, sunglasses, and his hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Of course, he's also a quote machine—spitting out hilarious and outrageous opinions on every subject under the sun. A rare glimpse into the world of Lagerfeld comes in a new book published by Flammarion titled The World According to Karl, which highlights some of the Kaiser's greatest quotations. Covering his thoughts on everything from life and fashion to children, the book takes its audience into the mind of one of fashion's most eccentric minds. Roll over the topics in the interactive below to read the greatest quotes.