Roman Holiday

Karl Lagerfeld's Homage to Rome

Timed with the opening of Fendi’s new Parisian boutique, the house teams up with Lagerfeld on an exhibit that pays homage to Rome's fountains.

Karl Lagerfeld/Fendi; Getty

The Eternal City is in need of a face-life, and its calling on old friend Fendi for help. The luxury goods company, which was born in Rome in 1925, is sponsoring the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in a philanthropic endeavor appropriately named “Fendi for Fountains.”

To further celebrate both FENDI’s legacy and its hometown appreciation for Rome, the design house commissioned Karl Lagerfeld to shoot images of the city’s renowned fountains to be presented in an exhibition in Paris near Pont Alexandre III. The project, named The Glory of the Water, is timed with the opening of the brand's new Avenue Montaigne boutique in Paris and will be shown in recreations of the cupolas unique to Rome’s skyline along the Seine from July 4th through July 14th. With music of Vivaldi and sounds of streaming water in the background, the exhibit plays homage to some of Rome’s most iconic sites. The exhibition will also include the restoration of the 1977 short film Histoire d’Eau by Jacques de Bascher.

In a release issued to press, Karl Lagerfeld said, “Rome has a very unique atmosphere. In my life, I have already been to Rome over 740 times, I feel part of it ... Rome is eternal, therefore, there is no better place: Rome has changed and has not changed.”