The conqueror's return

Kate Anxiously Awaiting William's Return

Any day now, Prince William is expected to return from his controversial posting to the Falkland Islands. For his wife Kate, who is ‘missing him terribly’ it can’t come a moment too soon. Royal insiders say she is looking forward to easing up on the hectic schedule of public events and appearances she has undertaken since he went away, getting out of London and moving back into the Welsh farmhouse where the couple live a quieter, more low-profile life.

In contrast to his brother’s exploits, William has had an uneventful six weeks in the South Atlantic, with just one rescue mission for his lumbering Sea King helicopter, plucking a BBC reporter with an injured leg off one of the smaller islands that make up the Falklands.The rest of the time, William has been staying in the army dorms for single males at the military airport which is surrounded by barbed wire and off-limits to non-military personnel. His excursions have been limited to one wander through town, a brief visit to the local hospital, and a weekend excursion to Sea Lion island, a bird watchers' paradise where penguins and elephant seals and can be seen at close range.

The MoD and the Palace are both keeping tight-lipped about the exact date of William’s return, but it is widely expected to be next week, although the news may not be released until 24 hours after he has landed.