Party Secrets

Kate Dressed Up As Cheryl Cole For Her Bachelorette Party

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Well, bang goes Cheryl Cole's Knighthood.

If there's one thing the royals don't like its people tattling private information to make money, so don't expect to see any honors for British pop singer Cheryl Cole for a few decades.

For Cheryl has unwisely revealed details about Kate Middleton's hen night to promote her new autobiography, and this is the kind of opportunistic promotion at the expense of royal privacy that sends William, in particular, ballistic.

It couldn't have happened at a worse time with William still mightily stirred up about the invasion of privacy in France, when Kate was photographed sunbathing topless.

Cheryl says in her book that when she was backstage at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in June, William asked her: “Did you know you’ve got a bit of competition?”

"Kate confessed that she dressed up as me on her hen night, in a bodysuit and split trousers, and sang Fight For This Love," wrote Cole in her new autobiography, Cheryl: My Story. "She even learnt the dance routine and was step-perfect by all accounts, as her sister Pippa and brother James also came over and told me all about it."

“I could just imagine her and it was so surreal.”

William, who is fanatical about breaches of Kate's privacy, is likely to be more upset by the revelation than his wife, especially as thus far almost nothing had been revealed about Kate's bachelorette do, other than that the party was attended by friends including Holly Branson.

To make matters worse, Cheryl has also provided a bit of dish on Prince Harry.

She writes that she first met Harry, 28, backstage at The X Factor when the Prince and his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy were in show supremo Simon Cowell’s dressing room."There were women partying everywhere and Simon was grinning like the Cheshire cat.“Prince Harry was lying on the dressing room floor, with his top buttons undone, relaxing with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other.”