Kate Gosselin's Top 10 Angry Moments

The embattled, soon-to-be-divorced reality-TV mom has taken a lot of flak for her treatment of her husband, her kids—well, everyone. The Daily Beast takes a look at the top 10 moments of Kate’s rage.

Bonus: Kate 2.0, Sort Of

After an emergency hiatus, Jon & Kate Plus 8 resumed August 3 with a more subdued, even warmer Kate. Luckily, this clip of her complaining about what appears to be a brand new kitchen reminds us of the Kate we love to be irritated by.

Bonus: Your Temporary Feeling of Being Useful Makes Me Laugh

Clearing some trees for a set of play houses for the kids made Jon feel like man. Kate notices and takes action.

Bonus: Kate Angrily Says Jon is the Angry One

Kate, barefoot and simmering with icy hatred, blames Jon for the state of their relationship, citing the fact he “won’t talk to me,” and adding, with a hint of menace, “I don’t know if he even realizes the repercussions of the decisions he’s making today.”

10. Cleanliness Is Next to Kateliness

It’s not so crazy to check in on the new cleaning lady. Firing her after Day 1 for not dusting behind a hamper? That’s extreme.

9. This Looks Like Fun…

After a fun family day, the kids are allowed ice cream for dinner! But watch the freakout that ensues when a child dares to get a grass stain. You can practically hear cries of “No wire hangers” in the distance…

8. Spousal Support

Kate is famous for berating her husband—about his thinning hair, the way he speaks, and, infamously, for breathing too loudly. This clip, though it may seem no more than teasing, is a prime example of Kate’s willingness to mock her husband on camera.

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7. Queen on a Plastic Throne

Some moms would be thrilled that their husbands want to play with their kids. Not Kate—the usual insults ensue when Jon would rather enjoy his kids than take Kate’s orders and clean the garage. In this rare clip, however, Jon fights back.

6. Color Me Compulsive

Kate, if you don’t want your kids to play with markers, you probably shouldn’t take them to the place where they manufacture and pass out markers. Just sayin’.

5. Skating to Freedom?

Jon is screamed at from across the neighborhood by Kate as he rollerblades away with his two oldest kids. In hindsight, this clip is strangely prophetic.

4. Gumgate

In this episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8: Aunt Jodi, Kate’s sister-in-law, makes the colossal mistake of giving the sextuplets gum while they are in her care. We get being upset that your kid are covered in gum. But calling your sister-in-law, who babysat seven of your kids all day, and complaining? That takes cojones.

3. Merry Christmas to Me! Uh, You!

Jon and Kate decide to get the kids puppies for Christmas. Only Kate gets to pick the puppies and their names. Her picks? Shoka and Nahla. Good thing she didn’t let the kids name them something really crazy like “Buddy.”

2. Sit, Jon. Stay.

The shout heard ’round the world. We wonder if, now that Kate has two dogs, she’ll stop making her husband feel like one?

1. Soaring Heights of Ungrateful

Jon and Kate are getting solar panels installed on their home by the Emmy Award-winning Steve Thomas, former host of This Old House. Kate is inexplicably rude the entire episode and takes nasty to new heights when Steve asks her to look at his work.

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