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Kate Middleton Pictured Leaving Clinic: New Privacy Row

David Bebber/AFP/Getty

There's a mini-firestorm blowing up in the UK today after Kate Middleton was photographed leaving a clinic in London last night - presumably following her twelve-week scan - and the New York Daily News published the pictures, but papers in the UK did not.

It is believed the couple were visiting royal obstetrician Alan Farthing.

Prince William was seen clutching an envelope, when they left, most likely containing images of the scan.

Kate looked happy.

If this was indeed the 12-week scan, we wil probably soon get an announcement from the palace concerning Kate's due date.

The palace have been aggressively pursuing papparazzi photographers of late, and senrt a 'cease-and-desist' to one snapper last week who photographed Prince George in a public park.

UK papers were offered the pictures but are believed to have turned them down, even though they were taken in a public place.

The Daily Express's royal reporter commented, "Our head of news and news editor feel there is nothing more private than a woman going for a pregnancy scan, if that is what was happening."