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Kate Moss Reads from <i>50 Shades of Grey</i>; Pope Francis I Named This Week's Most Stylish Man

Kate Moss Reads 50 Shades of Grey: Kate Moss made a hilarious appearance on BBC Radio to help raise money for Comic Relief, a major UK charity that supports many initiatives in the developing world and receives massive annual support from the English fashion industry. Moss promised listeners that she’ read a passage from 50 Shades of Grey out loud, should the radio show raise £200,000 in donations. When they exceeded that goal, she read a lengthy portion of the book, aided by romantic background music. Watch above to see the hilarious stunt. [ELLE UK]

Pope Francis is This Week’s Most Stylish Man: Pope Francis I has only been on the job for one day, but WWD’s already named him their stylish ‘Man of the Week’. The pope was graded with an A, even beating out last week’s subject Jimmy Fallon, whose impeccable suits only received a B+. The paper writes that Francis, “has already displayed humility and the simplicity that characterized John Paul II, leaving behind the more ornate and intricate fashion choices of Pope Benedict XVI.” [WWD]

Marc Jacobs Retires from Acting: Marc Jacobs’s debut film role in Disconnect will hit theaters on April 12. And now that the designer’s gotten acting out of his system, he’s officially retiring from the side profession. “I would not want to be an actor,” he told the Telegraph. “I told [the director] ‘this is the first, and last film, ever.’ It’s not that there aren’t tedious moments in the life of a fashion designer but I wouldn’t trade them for the tedious moments for the life of an actor that’s for sure.” [Telegraph]

Patrick Robinson's Fashion Comeback: Patrick Robinson, the former creative director of high fashion brands Paco Rabanne and Perry Ellis who was fired from the same title at The Gap in May 2011, is getting back in the fashion game after nearly a two-year hiatus. But rather than look for a new flailing fashion brand to revive (his career signature), Robinson is taking advantage of modern Internet technologies by seeking out funding for a new line on the popular crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter. His new label, named Paskho, currently includes 19 styles of “performance apparel designed for urban environments,” reports the New York Times. He’s seeking around $50,000 in seed money and will give micro-investors sketches, initial product offerings, and other goods in exchange for their support. [NYT]