Bargain Hunter

Kate Shops At Baby Gap For George

Kate Middleton is off to Australasia on a monster three-week tour on Saturday, so no surprise that she was spotted stocking up with a few essentials at Baby Gap for Prince George yesterday.

Kate dashed into the store—accompanied by three bodyguards—after being driven the 500 yards from her home in Kensington Palace.

“She spent 20 minutes browsing the shelves of Baby Gap,” a source said.

Middleton spent a total of £126.44 and queued behind other shoppers to pay for her purchases with a credit card, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Among the items she picked up for George was a green checked bodysuit designed to look like a shirt costing £12.95.

She also bought some denim shorts for £14.95, two navy and white striped babygrows for £14.95 each, and a pair of grey and navy striped cotton trousers for £8.95.

Kate also picked up two pairs of trousers for herself from the store’s women’s department.

The high street purchases will reinforce perception of Kate's mastery of the common touch.