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Kate's Pregnancy Switch to Decaf

Kate Middleton - a coffee lover who previously was known to ask for an extra shot in her Java - has switched to decaf in the interests of her unborn child.

Kate was spotted in the Kensington branch of Starbucks recently ordering a decaf latte plus cookie, while her minder waited outside holding her dog. She paid with her Starbucks card.

It used to be thought that drinking coffee during pregnancy could contribute to ADHD - a potential problem for a monarch - but recent studies show that drinking moderate amounts of coffee during pregnancy may not be as bad for you as had been thought. A recent study suggests that women who take in less than 300 mgs of caffeine per day - about the same amount of caffeine as a grande latte with an extra shot, but a Dabnish study in 2003 found that women who drank more than eight daily cups of coffee during pregnancy increased their risk of miscarriage or stillbirth by as much as 300%.

So fair play to Kate for not taking any chances with the wellbeing of the future king or queen.

Escorted by a security guard, the 31-year-old Duchess "looked beautiful," according to Us Weekly.

"Her hair was done nicely and she had a scarf, lovely long coat and boots on." Still under wraps, although Middleton is now in her second trimester? Her baby bump. "She was wrapped up warm, so I couldn't see the bump," the observer explains.