East Hampton

Rich Bitch

You may think New York’s rich and glamorous decamp there for weekends of sun and high-end socializing, but don’t be fooled—it’s a nightmare this writer is desperate to escape.

Beach Time

Summer is officially here…which means it's time to flee the city and head to the shore. For New Yorkers, the mass exodus tends to have one destination in mind: The Hamptons.

Blast From the Past

In the Hamptons, high society is always on display: summer weddings and pony rides run rampant as the best in what seems to be American royalty roll in for a beach day. These throwback, vintage Hamptons photos show a blast from the past.


In sleepy Sag Harbor, residents are assessing the damage from Sandy, hunkering down for a sustained power outage—and queuing up for coffee on Main Street. Emily J. Weitz surveys the scene.