Federal Communications Commission


Trump Team Wants to End Net Neutrality

The principle that internet service providers should treat data equally was championed by the Obama administration, but corporate lackeys are set to overturn that on the FCC.

Not Neutral

Comcast Now Says It Will Not Sue FCC

The company says the FCC overreached by passing rules to stop Internet service providers from blocking sites and slowing traffic. The problem is, Comcast’s admitted to doing just that.

Last Day of Lying

No, FCC Won’t Take Away Your TV Shows

A day before before an FCC vote to bar telecoms from artificially slowing the web, lobbyists are still pouring money into attacks—and a paper is reporting the government will be able to defund TV shows.

Online Battle

Porn Stars For A Wide-Open Internet 

With a threat to net neutrality looming—that all online data is treated equally—a handful of popular XXX sites are leading the charge to campaign for an open Internet.