Lee Harvey Oswald


The executive producer of 11.22.63, premiering Feb. 15 on Hulu, discusses the 2016 presidential race, his favorite movies of the year, and the Bowie collaboration that wasn’t.


Hulu’s adaptation of King’s historical epic is equal parts suspense, what-if fantasy, and doomed romance. Fate, it tells us, cannot change—not even through time travel.

Witness to History

Hugh Aynesworth was present when President Kennedy was shot, when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, and when Jack Ruby shot Oswald. He has spent his life debunking assassination theories.


From the Secret Service agent whose gun went off accidentally to alien abduction, here are 12 experts’ favorite conspiracy theories about who killed JFK and why.

A Mother in History

She was manipulative, abrasive, and mercenary to a fault. To know his mother was to feel some small sympathy for Lee Harvey Oswald.