The Social Network

Hot on the heels of his show-stopping Grammy performance, Justin Timberlake has released the official video for his triumphant return to music, 'Suit & Tie.' The slick video for the sartorial single--which also features Jay-Z--reunites Timberlake with his Social Network director, David Fincher.

Becoming Lisbeth

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star has made a name for herself with head-turning dresses. Isabel Wilkinson on Mara’s daring Golden Globe dress, her secretive stylist, and how fashion may help her gain recognition in Hollywood.

This sci-fi action thriller is about a future human race that stops aging at 25. Their currency is a stopwatch of “time,” which is traded for food and shelter until you run out and then—pow, you’re dead. Justin Timberlake made the transition from music to acting look effortless in The Social Network and Friends With Benefits. If only he could take this one back.

Have you heard of On CBS Sunday Morning, Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg showed there's really more in common between him and Mark Zuckerberg than you'd think.

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg explained to Leno that he's collecting some lesser known hardware this awards season. What does this tell the actor? He's probably losing many other awards to Colin Firth.

While The Social Network was busy making lots of box-office friends this weekend, the real Mark Zuckerberg dropped by The Simpsons to extoll the virtues of dropping out of college.