Khloé Kardashian Tells Howard Stern About Her ‘Humiliating’ Marriage to Lamar Odom

In her first in-depth interview since ex-husband Lamar Odom nearly died in a Las Vegas brothel, Khloé Kardashian tells Howard Stern how things got so bad.

Khloé Kardashian may live her life in public, but until this morning’s interview with Howard Stern she had never revealed so much about what led her ex-husband, former LA Lakers star Lamar Odom, to be found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel this past October.

Kardashian told Stern that Odom was so good at making her feel like she was the only woman in his life that she never even imagined that he was cheating on her. She later realized that he had exclusively used his assistant’s cellphone to contact other women, a move she called “disgusting.” It was rumors in the weekly tabloids that first tipped her off. And even though she knows most of what they print is “bullshit,” Kardashian thought “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“How much sex does this guy need?” Stern wanted to know, with Kardashian assuring him that she provided “sex, blowjobs, whatever the fuck he wants, literally, because he’s my husband.” To this, Stern replied, “By the way, God bless you.”

“I found out that he was cheating on me the majority of our marriage,” Kardashian admitted, calling the whole thing “humiliating.” While she said they did truly love each other, she blamed Odom’s behavior on not only his substance abuse but also a suspected “sex addiction.”

Later, she said she “gets” that “pussy” is thrown at NBA players everywhere they go, adding, “What he has done doesn’t make him a bad person, that doesn’t define who he is. He’s still a phenomenal human being. I know that sounds contradictory, but he is.”

“Is it a mistake to get married after a month of knowing someone?” Stern asked. Shockingly, she said no, adding that she if she had the opportunity to go back and change things, she wouldn’t. That is despite the fact that her mother Kris Jenner told her she was “fucking nuts” for marrying someone so fast.

“I don’t think I would do it again,” Kardashian added later, “but I don’t regret what I did.”

When Stern got around to asking about the time Kardashian visited Odom in the hospital following his apparent overdose, the host mostly just wanted to know how her ex reacted when he woke up and saw how “hot” she is now. As Amy Schumer put it in her SNL monologue last fall, Khloé recently “lost half her body weight — she lost a Kendall.”

When Odom first woke up from his coma, Kardashian said he was more aware than he was in later days and weeks when he regressed to a more vegetative state. The first thing Khloé’s sister Kim said to Odom when he opened his eyes was, “How hot is Khloé?”

“I think he woke up because you were so hot,” Stern joked, suggesting that Kardashian could have pulled the plug on him if she wanted to. “He was on life support, I could have pulled the plug,” she agreed, saying she only had his “best interests” in mind.

Kardashian confirmed that as of this week, Odom has been released from the hospital and is doing better, but still has a long way to go. On the reports that herbal Viagra played a role in his overdose, she said she is under the impression that it was provided to him by the brothel.

“You do whatever the fuck you want to do, but please promise me you’ll never go back to a disgusting brothel again,” Kardashian said she told Odom after the incident. If he wants to pay for sex, she suggested he do so in the privacy of his hotel room. He promised her he won’t go back to a “place like that.”

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“He has no idea what people know,” Kardashian said, telling Stern that she has kept all news reports about his problems away from him—a tough feat considering his name was the top Google search term of 2015.

When Kardashian first found out that Odom was cheating on her, most likely without always using condoms, she told Stern she immediately got checked for STD’s and “thank God” she was clean. She also attributes her failure to get pregnant on Odom’s drug use, saying, “When you’re high, you don’t have strong swimmers.”

Finally, Stern moved on from Odom, asking Kardashian who is currently “taking advantage” of her “hot body.” As has been widely reported, she confirmed that she is dating Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Upon finding out that she is with yet another NBA player, Stern suggested, “Maybe you should go with something a little different.”