Kids Sees Themselves in Donald Trump: ‘He’s Like a 5-Year-Old’

This is what happens when you show a bunch of children video clips of Donald Trump.

At first, they seem to like him. “I love Donald Trump,” 9-year-old Gabe says excitedly. But the more the children in the Fine Brothers’s new “Kids React” video hear from the Republican frontrunner, the more disillusioned they become about what was once a serious political nomination process in America.

“He’s like a 5-year-old,” says 13-year-old Jayka. “He throws tantrums about stupid things.” While watching Trump argue with Ted Cruz in a recent debate, Gabe adds, “That’s kind of like me and my brother.”

From there, the kids proceed to call Trump “mean,” “rude,” “crazy” and “the worst person in the entire world.” In the words of 11-year-old Jackson, “If you want to be president, you shouldn’t be racist.”

Sure, it’s a small sample size, and we have seen that there are at least a few tween girls who love Trump. But how is it that these kids can see what so many voting-age Americans would rather ignore?

One piece of potentially helpful advice for Trump comes from 12-year-old Jaxon, who says, “I get that you’re speaking your mind, but say it in a way that won’t hurt people.”