Kim Jong-il Parodies: ‘Team America,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ & More (Video)

The North Korean government announced that their “Dear Leader,” Kim Jong-il, died of a heart attack during a train ride on Saturday. He was 69. From 1994 until his death, he served as the supreme leader of North Korea, drawing international criticism for his production of nuclear weapons, imprisonment of American journalists, persecution of Christians, and effectively brainwashing his people into deifying him. He also was a passionate lover of cinema, allegedly owning more than 20,000 films. His favorites were rumored to include the James Bond films, ‘The Godfather’ franchise, and anything with Elizabeth Taylor. Due to the air of mystery about him, he also was one of the most parodied dictators ever. From ‘Team America: World Police’ to 'Mad TV,' see the best parodies of Kim.

‘Team America: World Police’—“I’m So Ronery”

Before targeting Mormons in their Tony Award–winning musical, Book of Mormon, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone made their hilarious 2004 political satire, Team America: World Police. Shot entirely with marionettes, the movie centered on a global police force known as “Team America,” that attempted to stop an evil terrorist plot orchestrated by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. In one of the film’s most hilarious scenes, the despondent dictator sings the ballad, “I’m So Ronery,” including lines like: “I'm the smartest most crever most physicarry fit / But nobody else seems to rearize it.”

‘The Simpsons’—The Kim Jong-il Musical

The premiere episode of The Simpsons’ 23rd season centered on an ex-CIA agent, voiced by Kiefer Sutherland, who later reveals that he was once “in a North Korean prison being forced to write a musical about Kim Jong-il with a car battery hooked up to my nipples.” The musical was called Being Short Is No Hindrance to Greatness.

‘30 Rock’ – "Everything Sunny All the Time Always"

In the 22nd episode of the fifth season of NBC’s 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is shocked to discover that his wife, Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), has been captured by the North Korean government, re-educated, and forced to star in a propaganda video opposite “dear leader” Kim Jong-il (comedienne Margaret Cho). At one point, Avery delivers a news report on the U.S. featuring a rather recognizable despot as the weather man, “Johnny Mountains.”

Kim Jong-il Looking At Things

This blog began on Oct. 26, 2010, and features a collection of photos of diminutive North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, sporting his standard big-rim sunglasses, bouffant hairdo, and a selection of eye-catching jumpsuits, checking out everything from sausages to assembly lines. It’s surprisingly hilarious—and addictive.

‘Family Guy’—Dictator Pool Party

In the 18th episode in the second season of Fox’s animated series, Family Guy, absent-minded patriarch Peter Griffin learns that his house isn’t a part of the United States. So naturally, he declares his home to be a new state—“Petoria”—and, after annexing Joe Swanson’s pool, flaunts his diplomatic immunity by hosting a dictator pool party. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il can be seen standing in the pool—which Peter names “Joehio”—along with then Cuban President Fidel Castro.

‘South Park’—Kim Jong-il and the ‘Legion of Doom’

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Before Team America: World Police, Trey Parker and Matt Stone parodied North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in the South Park episode “Krazy Kripples,” which aired during the show’s seventh season. When Christopher Reeve becomes a megalomaniacal supervillain after consuming fetuses used for stem cell research, he forms a “Legion of Doom” made up of several villains, including Saddam Hussein and, yes, Kim.

Kid Notorious—‘Kim Jong-il Must Die’

Though the animated series Kid Notorious aired for only nine weeks on Comedy Central, beginning in October 2003, it later ran for many years on the U.K. version of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The show, an absurdist satire, centered on Hollywood megaproducer Robert Evans (voiced by Evans himself), and in the episode “Kim Jong-il Must Die” Evans is recruited by Donald Rumsfeld to assassinate the North Korean dictator. However, Evans becomes conflicted when he learns that Kim actually is the greatest director of romantic comedy films he’s ever seen.

MADtv—‘The Kim Jong-il Show’ Feat. Donald Trump

This recurring skit on the Fox sketch comedy show MADtv featured Kim Jong-il (played by Bobby Lee) as the host of a late-night talk show that was mandatory on state television. Whenever an audience member didn’t laugh at one of the North Korean dictator’s lame jokes, Kim tells the person that he’ll have them shot. In this episode, the diminutive leader goes head-to-head with Donald Trump (Frank Caliendo).

Sprite—Parody Commercial

Earlier this year, Sprite released a commercial in Israel titled “Sprite Revolution” as part of the soft drink’s “Feel the Freshness” ad campaign. The commercial seems to parody Kim Jong-il’s North Korean dictatorship, as the leader takes one gulp of the drink and screams, “CAN YOU FEEL IT?” And the tagline for the commercial is: “Sprite believes that everyone has a refreshing side … even the world’s toughest dictators.”

E-Harmony Ad Feat. Kim Jong-il

This hilarious parody features the North Korean dictator in a commercial for the dating website E-Harmony. In front of the cameras, Kim is all lovey-dovey with his Internet match, but behind the scenes, he isn’t very happy with her performance and claims, “You say I’m a bad English person-speaker? I am five-year champion Spelling Bee of North Korea!”

Kim Jong-il’s Professional Look-Alike

Talk about a bizarre way to make a living. South Korean actor Kim Young-sik portrayed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in numerous plays and movies for a number of years, and his act includes echoing the Dear Leader’s opinion on nuclear testing. Apparently, the actor is even available for “events and children’s parties,” if you really hate your kids.

MADtv—P. Diddy feat. Kim Jong-il, ‘Bomb, Bomb, Bomb’

The Fox sketch comedy show MADtv seemed to poke fun at Kim Jong-il the most. In this sketch parodying the B2K music video for Bump, Bump, Bump, P. Diddy (Aries Spears) and Kim Jong-il (Bobby Lee) perform their less erotic version, entitled Bomb, Bomb, Bomb. Directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, the song features Kim singing—between pelvic thrusts—“I’ve got solid gold Mercedes / And lots of tall, blonde ladies / So I get laid.”

‘Captain Korea’

Made by 7SL Productions, this amateur trailer parodies the recent Hollywood blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, choosing to center on an injured soldier who volunteers for a secret project that turns him into Captain Korea, the first Korean superhero, who helps aid in the war against a superhuman version of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.