Kim Kardashian Tees Off on Her Haters—Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Piers Morgan

The reality TV star-entrepreneur responded to the barrage of hate she received from posting a semi-naked photo of herself online in epic fashion.

Kim Kardashian spent her Monday night (!) sipping a giant cup o tea—we know this because she literally tweeted a GIF of her avatar sipping tea. You see, good ol’ Kim social media’d a sorta-naked selfie in the early hours Monday morning, as Kim does. It’s pretty standard Kim behavior at this point, and being the media-savvy potential-maximizing famous-for-being-famous person that she is, she knows what affect it will have: there will be clicks, coverage, and more clicks. With the exception of one Donald J. Trump, few people know how to manipulate and dominate the news cycle quite like Kim. So mission accomplished, right?

And look, is it thirsty to post a half-naked picture of yourself online? Of course. But this is 2016, who really gives a shit if someone is proud of their body and posts it. A lot of people judged Kim for it, though, because patronizing Kim Kardashian is a form of social currency these days—it’s easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything. She offends certain prudish sensibilities, and engenders pearl-clutching amongst the judgmental Twitterati. These offendees apparently include Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz, and the terrible-awful Piers Morgan, who took it upon themselves to throw some online shade at Kim for posting said revealing photo.

So Kim, who actually doesn’t get enough credit for being a paragon of courteousness—this is someone who constantly receives hate online and never responds to it—decided to take a page from her hubby’s playbook and clap back, as is her social media right.

You know what? Good for Kim. With the amount of online vitriol this woman receives, including from her fellow celebrities—remember that viral tweet Robin Williams fired off mocking her eight-months-pregnant body?—she has a right to defend herself. And that she did.