Kim Kardashian’s Days as Paris Hilton’s Lowly Assistant

Before there was Kimye, the most famous Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s own closet organizer/ punching bag/ silent friend. Never forget.

Before she was one half of #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple, Kim Kardashian was a lowly celebrity stylist and personal assistant. Kardashian's most famous gig was as Paris Hilton's own closet organizer/punching bag/silent friend. During The Simple Life era, Paris Hilton was the talk of the insta-celebrity world—and Kim was just her hired hand. But faster than you can say “don’t forget to color code my Louboutins,” Paris began her descent into (gasp!) pop culture irrelevance. Once 2007 rolled along, Kardashian's Ray J sex tape catapulted her to fame, helping her eclipse her former employer.

Of course, Hilton didn’t take well to being upstaged by the help; rumors of a feud between the former friends have flourished—Paris famously said that Kim’s butt reminded her of “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag” on a Las Vegas radio show. Meanwhile, the newly classy Kim seems intent on forgetting that she was ever Paris Hilton’s personal, human Container Store. While Kim's stalwart reality TV show appeal, Vogue cover, and recent fabulous (read: completely over the top and insane) wedding have established her as a huge star in her own right, the GIF's don't lie. Without further ado, we present evidence of Kim Kardashian's past life as a paid Paris Hilton devotee—a TBT that's sure to trigger some extreme Kim Kardashian PTSD.

There’s also this.