Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown on ‘Ellen’ and More Adorable Sloth Videos

From Kristen Bell’s emotional meltdown to a sloth trying to cross the street, watch why these creatures are so irresistible to watch.

Kristen Bell Breaks Down on Her Birthday

The ‘Veronica Mars’ actress got the surprise of her life when fiancé Dax Shepard arranged for a sloth to attend her 31st birthday. Shepard caught her reaction on tape, and it’s safe to say Bell had a complete (and completely adorable) meltdown.

Why Did the Sloth Cross the Road?

A sloth attempting to cross the road in Costa Rica gets a little pick-me-up—to the tune of R. Kelly.

‘Meet the Sloths’

See why baby sloths are the most irresistible of all. At the Aviarios del Caribe sloth orphanage in Costa Rica, they cuddle with stuffed animals, gnaw on green beans, and spend a lot of time snuggled beneath blankets.