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Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles, The Sochi Wolf, and More Viral Videos

From dexterous goats to Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. Small Acts of Kindness

Despite their reputation as introverts, these Norwegians weren’t shy about sharing their winter gear to warm up Johannes, a jacketless boy waiting alone at a bus stop. SOS Children’s Village created this video to increase awareness about children without proper winter clothing in Syria, and it will certainly warm your heart.

4. The Wolf of Sochi

Epic jokester Jimmy Kimmel recently teamed up with American Olympic luger Kate Hansen to pull the ultimate prank on followers of the Winter Games. The art crew at Jimmy Kimmel Live! created an exact replica of Hansen’s Sochi dorm hallway and then set a trained timber wolf loose, sparking rumors around the world of a Russian animal problem.

3. Amazing Balancing Goats

With incredible nimbleness, these playful farm animals hop onto a flexible piece of steel. One of them even manages to stay king of the metal hill, as his peers try to no avail to climb up and steal his crown.

2. Crossdressing with Jimmy

It was a glorious first week on the job for new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. From The Ragtime Gals’ cover of “Ignition: Remix” to the “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” with Will Smith to #Hashtag2, Fallon was on fire. But his best bit may have been his interview with Harry Styles… or rather Kristen Wiig dressed as Harry Styles. What makes this guest appearance particularly hilarious is that Wiig clearly has absolutely no idea who One Direction or the sweetheart of the band is.

1. Multiplying like Bunnies

If you ever find yourself on Rabbit Island in Japan, shake a bag of treats and prepare to be swarmed by hordes of furry friends!