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LeBroning, Macklemore, Devil Baby Attack and More Viral Videos

From Macklemore surprising a New York City public bus to a terrifying devil baby attack prank, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

5. LeBroning

You thought that LeBron James had already reached the apex of cultural relevancy? Well, then, you thought wrong. In this craze that’s sweeping the nation, high schoolers everywhere are making the Miami Heat forward the butt of an ongoing joke, as they poke fun at his propensity for exaggerated flopping. So if you see a teenager brush lightly against your shoulder and then fall to the ground, don’t worry, he’s just LeBroning.

4. A Real Fairy Tale Ending

During a live theater performance in Glasgow, Scotland, Peter Pan interrupted the show to propose to his girlfriend, who just happened to be playing Wendy. Here’s to the happily ever after.

3. Bad British NFL Commentary

It’s so bad, it’s brilliant. These blokes apparently have no idea what American football’s all about, and the world is better off for their emphatic exuberant ignorance. He’s greased himself up and he’s parting the helmety sea. Flapjaaaaaaaack!”

2. Macklemore’s Public Bus Takeover

This is what happens when a hip hop superstar surprises a New York City bus. Alongside partner in rhyme Ryan Lewis, the “Thrift Shop” rapper treated unsuspecting commuters to an awesomely exclusive performance in this special Grammys promo.

1. Devil Baby Attack

Macklemore’s impromptu concert may have been a slice of New York City heaven, but this hellishly terrifying prank, which has been viewed almost 30 million times since being posted on Tuesday, takes the Big Apple to the depths of hell. Sweet nightmares!